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600,000 covers uploaded!

Indexing milestone: La Novela Policiaca #2259 is our 600,000th uploaded cover on the site! Thanks to uploader Steve, and to all the uploaders who preceded him and continue to contribute.

GCD Comics Timeline

Ernie Chan (27 July 1940 – 16 May 2012, USA), sometimes credited as Ernie Chua, was a Filipino-American comic book artist, known for work published by Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including many Marvel issues of series featuring Conan the Barbarian.

Chan also had a long tenure on Batman and Detective Comics. Other than his work on Batman, Chan primarily focused on non-superhero characters, staying mostly in the genres of horror, war, and swords-and-sorcery.

At Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/c/chan_ernie.htm

At Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernie_Chan

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/ekQV302DSHJ

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R.I.P. Jack Davis

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R.I.P. Richard Thompson

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Mary Bierbaum (born 27 July 1955, USA) and her husband, Tom, are a team of comics writers. Their work has primarily been for DC Comics and primarily about the Legion of Super-Heroes, but they have also written other stories and for other publishers, such as Deluxe, Image, and Topps.

The Bierbaums are known for having honed their writing skills in Legion fandom.

At Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_and_Mary_Bierbaum

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/IpLf302DRxO

(The cover of “Secret Origins” #42, July 1989, was penciled by Dick Giordano and inked by Karl Kesel.)

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Jesse Marsh (27 July 1907 – 28 April 1966, USA) was the artist on the first Tarzan stories written for comics, following successful reprints of the newspaper strip. After working as an animator for Disney from 1939, Marsh drew Tarzan in “Four Color Comics” #134, February 1947, and continued the series until 1965.

Marsh also drew “John Carter of Mars” and many issues of “Gene Autry” for Dell.

At Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/m/marsh_jesse.htm

At Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Marsh

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/ziBO302DMMk

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Guido Buzzelli (27 July 1927 – 25 January 1992, Italy) was an Italian comic book artist, writer, illustrator and painter.

At Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/b/buzzelli_guido.htm

At Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guido_Buzzelli

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/YazC302DLxM

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Pierre Christin (born 27 July 1938, France) is a major comics writer (scenarist). While teaching literature at the University of Utah he and his long-time friend, artist Jean-Claude Mézières, had their first stories published in “Pilote”. Christin shortly returned to France, to teach at the University of Bordeaux, and the two friends created the classic science-fiction character, Valérian.

Christin won awards at Angoulême International Comics Festival in 1976, 1986, and 1997.

At Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Christin

At Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/c/christin_pierre.htm

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/9thh302DKOz

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Bob Pinaha (born 26 July 1953) has been a letterer for many USA comics publishers since the early 1980s. He was a 1989 Harvey Award Nominee in the category of Best Letterer for his work on “Grendel” at Comico.

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/xDcc302Bm1j

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Harry Candelario (born 26 July 1962, USA) discovered comics in grade school and determined to become a comics artist. From the 1980s he worked in the Marvel production group. In 1990 he became an inker for Marvel.

Some of his notable work was on “Quasar”, “X-Force”, “Marvel Adventures”, and “Spider-Man”, over pencil artists Greg Capullo, Andy Kuhn, and Claudio Castellini. He is currently a web designer and coder.

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/pQze302BkEz

(The cover of “X-Force Annual” #1, 1992, was penciled by Greg Capullo.)

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John Statema (born 25 July 1961, USA) is an artist and game designer. Since the 1980s, he has worked on comics from DC and Marvel, and from smaller companies such as First and Malibu.

At Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/s/statema_john.htm

In the GCD — http://ow.ly/nqQu302yPAQ

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