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600,000 covers uploaded!

Indexing milestone: La Novela Policiaca #2259 is our 600,000th uploaded cover on the site! Thanks to uploader Steve, and to all the uploaders who preceded him and continue to contribute.

GCD Comics Timeline

Ray Lago (born 1 July 1958) is an artist whose work has been published since the 1990s by Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and other publishers.

Read his autobiography at Ray Lago Art — http://www.raylagoart.com/rlprofbio.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by Ray Lago — http://ow.ly/WD65301P7vv

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Julianna Ferriter (born 1 July 1961) is a colorist whose work was published by Marvel and by DC Comics in the 1980s and 1990s.

Read about Julianna Ferriter at Memory Alpha — http://memory-alpha.wikia.com/wiki/Julianna_Ferriter

Explore items in the GCD with work by Julianna Ferriter — http://ow.ly/eEcK301Pb91

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Jack Adler (1 July 1917 – 18 September 2011, USA) was an artist who worked as a cover artist and colorist for DC Comics. He was a staff member of DC’s production department from 1946 to 1981, rising steadily up the ranks to production manager and vice president of production.

Continue reading about Jack Adler at Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Adler

Explore items in the GCD with work by Jack Adler — http://ow.ly/4YoI301PcRk

(The cover of Mystery in Space #55, November 1959, was drawn by Gil Kane and ink-washed by Jack Adler.)

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Shawn McManus (born 30 June 1958, USA) entered the comic book field in the early 1980s. Amongst his early credits are issues of ‘Swamp Thing’, ‘Omega Men’, ‘Batman’, ‘Doctor Fate’ and some limited series about ‘Thessaly’ written by Bill Willingham.

He was a contributor to Neil Gaiman’s epic ‘The Sandman’, drawing most of ‘A Game of You’ and issues of ‘The Sandman Presents’. He has also contributed to the ‘Tom Strong’ series for America’s Best Comics. For Heavy Metal magazine, he cooperated among others with Bhob Stewart on ‘Zenobia’ and ‘Symbiosis’ in 1983.

Continue reading about Shawn McManus at Lambiek Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/m/mcmanus_shawn.htm

Read about Shawn McManus at Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawn_McManus

Explore items in the GCD with work by Shawn McManus — http://ow.ly/mkrW301MyCA

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Steve Firchow (born 30 June 1966; USA) was born in New Guinea and moved to the USA when he was in high school. He has been a colorist for many different publishers from the mid-1990s. His work now is primarily in video gaming.

Read more about Steve Firchow at his website — http://www.stevefirchow.com/index.php?p=BIOGRAPHY

Explore items in the GCD with work by Steve Firchow — http://ow.ly/lcUc301Mx31

(The cover art for Behold 3-D, 1996, is entirely by Steve Firchow.)

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Piet van Elk (30 June 1919 – 23 June 1994, The Netherlands) got his artistic education at the Kunstnijverheidschool in Amsterdam. In 1942, he and his brother John self-published the comic book ‘De avonturen van Drie Musketiers’ (‘The Adventures of the Three Musketeers’). Shortly afterwards, the brothers published another book, ‘De Avonturen van Ridder Rudolf’.

The Van Elk brothers began an animation studio in Amsterdam in 1942. They created the kitten ‘Bim’, initially for an animation project, but eventually for a newspaper comic. The character later became a human boy because of a possible resemblance to Marten Toonder’s ‘Tom Poes’.

‘De Avonturen van Bim’ was initially written by John van Elk, who died in the Neuengamme concentration camp after having written only three stories. Piet van Elk continued ‘Bim’ with scriptwriter Eddie Bayer, and when the series stopped in 1951, 28 stories had been published in various newspapers.

Continue reading about Piet van Elk at Lambiek Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/e/elk_van.htm

(The image shown is from the Comiclopedia page for van Elk.)

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Bobby London (born 29 June 1950, USA) was born in Brooklyn, and started his career as part of the underground comix movement. If the informal credo of the Air Pirates group of underground artists was to emulate the early newspaper comic strips, then Bobby London was an ideal member.

He was inspired by several masters of the medium, like E.C. Segar, Cliff Sterrett, Bud Fisher, Billy DeBeck and George Herriman. Herriman leaps to mind when viewing London’s ‘Dirty Duck’ pages of the early 1970s, but only for style, not for content.

Besides ‘Dirty Duck’, he also contributed to ‘Air Pirates’ # 1 and 2, ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’, ‘Left Field Funnies’, ‘Manhunt’ # 1, ‘San Francisco Comic Book’ # 4 and his autobiographic comic ‘Merton of the Movement’.

Continue reading about Bobby London at Lambiek Comiclopedia — https://www.lambiek.net/artists/l/london_bobby.htm

Read about Bobby London at Wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_London

Explore items in the GCD with work by Bobby London — http://ow.ly/ui2W301K8eL

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