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The 222,222nd issue was indexed at the GCD!

Check out the issue Lucky Luke #50 - Der weiße Kavalier from the German publisher group Egmont Ehapa. It is the German reprint of the French Lucky Luke comic.

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GCD Comics Timeline

Reed Waller (born August 3, 1949) is an American comic book artist best known for his work on Omaha the Cat Dancer, together with Kate Worley.

Omaha originated as an "adult comic strip" in an "obscure local publication" before evolving into a nationally distributed comic-book series. Four pages into issue #2, Waller suffered writer's block, and after some months, his then-girlfriend and songwriting partner Kate Worley offered "a few tentative suggestions about directions for the storyline, new characters, anything she could think of that might help...." At Waller's invitation, Worley became the series' scripter.

In 1988 Diamond Comics Distributors refused to distribute the title to stores (before backing down), and in 1989 a comics bindery refused to put together an Omaha collection. In 1991 the New Zealand Indecent Publications Tribunal ruled that since the series depicted sexuality in the context of ongoing emotional relationships between the characters in a mature and realistic way, it was not indecent.

In 1991, Waller was diagnosed with colon cancer. In early 2004, Waller and Worley had moved beyond their disagreement, and were collaborating to finish the hanging storyline. However, Worley's death interrupted that work. Her widower, Jim Vance, using her notes, took her place. The title was acquired by NBM Publishing, and resumed publication as of November 2005 with the new work being serialized in the magazine Sizzle.

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_Waller

Reed Waller in the Grand Comics Database:

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Grzegorz Rosiński (born August 3, 1941) is a Polish comic book artist. He is best known for providing the artwork for the series Thorgal.

In 1976 Rosiński received a scholarship in Belgium, where he met Jean Van Hamme, who wrote for him the series Thorgal, one of the most popular European comic book series. Since 1980, 31 volumes have been published. The comic has appeared in Tintin magazine. Rosiński also has made some comics for the Spirou magazine, under the pseudonym 'Rosek'. Although he returned to Poland, he continued in the next decades to collaborate with Belgian and French authors. In 1980 he started another successful series of comic books named Hans, this time with André-Paul Duchâteau. In 1992 Rosiński was replaced by Zbigniew Kasprzak (Kas) as the artist of the series.

After the imposition of the Martial Law in Poland in 1981, Rosiński moved to Belgium. At first, he lived with Jean Van Hamme while his wife and three kids stay behind in Warsaw. A few years later he received Belgian citizenship. He became one of the most popular authors of comic books in Western Europe. Among his later works are a series Chninkel (with Van Hamme) started in 1987 and a 1992 series titled La complainte des landes perdues (with Jean Dufaux). In 2001 the Rosiński-Van Hamme duo published yet another comic book titled Western, based on a western plot, in which Rosiński changed his style considerably. Since 2004 he published a series on Count Skarbek (with Yves Sente).

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grzegorz_Rosinski

Grzegorz Rosinski in the Grand Comics Database:

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75 Years Ago This Month: Uncle Sam and Buddy Smith give some baddies the what-for on the cover to National Comics #2 (http://www.comics.org/issue/958/), art by Lou Fine!

Uncle Sam is a fictional character, a DC Comics superhero based on national personification of the United States, Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam first appeared in National Comics #1 (July, 1940) and was created by Will Eisner.

Uncle Sam was first published by Quality Comics during the Golden Age of Comic Books. He was depicted as a mystical being who was originally the spirit of a slain patriotic soldier from the American Revolutionary War, and who now appears in the world whenever his country needs him. The character was used for a few years from 1940 to 1944, briefly receiving its own series, Uncle Sam Quarterly. During this time, he had a non-costumed sidekick named Buddy (Buddy Smith).

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncle_Sam_(comics)

National Comics in the Grand Comics Database:

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25 Years Ago This Month: Oh no! Anyone but him! It's The Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1 (http://www.comics.org/issue/48371/), cover by Al Milgrom and Art Adams!

The Impossible Man first appeared in Fantastic Four #11 (Feb. 1963), and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

When the Impossible Man first appeared, he was different from previous guest stars in that he was not a villain. The team first meet him at the Flamingo restaurant when they are summoned there to investigate a disturbance. Written by Lee to be a prankster and hedonist, the Impossible Man claimed to belong to the alien race of Poppupians from planet Poppup in the "Tenth Galaxy", who all share a collective consciousness and the ability to shapeshift, as their planet is so dangerous they have the ability to evolve very quickly. Seeking amusement, the character visits Earth for a vacation by turning himself into a spaceship, talking of a Poppup Tourist Bureau. After finding the superhero team the Fantastic Four and realizing nobody else on Earth has his power (therefore concluding he is the most powerful being on Earth), he constantly harasses them until they decide to ignore him and tell other people to do the same, forcing the Impossible Man to leave as he finds Earth so boring, and saying Earth will never get their tourist business. He gets his name after the Thing claims he is "impossible".

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impossible_Man

Impossible Man in the Grand Comics Database:

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50 Years Ago This Month: Possibly the most daringly dramatic development in the field of contemporary literature! It's "The Brutal Betrayal of Ben Grimm" in Fantastic Four #41 (http://www.comics.org/issue/19378/), cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia!

Fantastic Four in the Grand Comics Database:

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25 Years Ago This Month: The Fantastic Four bring out the big guns on the cover to Fantastic Four #343 (http://www.comics.org/issue/48596/), cover by Walter Simonson!

Fantastic Four in the Grand Comics Database:

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25 Years Ago This Month: Like any good detective, Batman does lab work on the cover to Detective Comics #619 (http://www.comics.org/issue/48357/), cover by Norm Breyfogle!

Detective Comics in the Grand Comics Database:

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50 Years Ago This Month: Western Publishing issues Astro Boy #1 (http://www.comics.org/issue/297090/) under their Gold Key imprint, cover and interior art unattributed!

Astro Boy (アトム Atomu, lit. "Atom") is a title character and the protagonist of the Astro Boy franchise. Created by Osamu Tezuka, the character was introduced in the 1951 Captain Atom manga. Astro Boy has appeared in animated television shows (notably the 1963, 1980, 2003 series) and feature film adaptations of its eponymous manga, as well as a live-action TV series, other works by Tezuka, and video games.

On 7 April 2003, the City of Niiza registered the character as an actual resident. He was also inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame in 2004.

Atom (known as Astro Boy or just Astro in the dub) originally appeared as a supporting character in the comic Atom Taishi (Ambassador Atom, sometimes referred to as Captain Atom), which appeared in Shonen, a monthly magazine for boys, in April 1951. Tezuka then created a comic series in which Atom was the main character.

Osamu Tezuka created Atom to be, in the words of Frederik L. Schodt (creator of the English-language version of the Astro Boy manga), a "21st-century reverse-Pinocchio, a nearly perfect robot who strove to become more human and emotive and to serve as an interface between man and machine." As Tezuka's art style advanced, Atom "became more modern and 'cute'" to appeal to the audience of boys in elementary school.

from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astro_Boy_(character)

Astro Boy in the Grand Comics Database:

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75 Years Ago This Month: Captain Marvel takes on the Squadron of Doom in Whiz Comics #7 (http://www.comics.org/issue/937/), cover by C.C. Beck!

Whiz Comics in the Grand Comics Database:

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The first San Diego Comic-Con was on this day in 1970!

San Diego Comic-Con International is a multigenre entertainment and comic convention held annually in San Diego, California. It was founded as the Golden State Comic Book Convention in 1970 by a group of San Diegans, which included Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry; later, it was called the "San Diego Comic Book Convention." The name, as given on its website, is Comic-Con International: San Diego; but it is commonly known simply as Comic-Con or the San Diego Comic-Con or "SDCC." It is a four-day event (Thursday–Sunday) held during the summer at the San Diego Convention Center. On the Wednesday evening prior to the official opening of the event, there is a preview for professionals, exhibitors, and select guests pre-registered for all four days.

Since 1974, Comic-Con has bestowed its annual Inkpot Award on guests and persons of interest in the Popular Arts industries, as well as on members of Comic-Con's Board of Directors and the Convention Committee. It is also the home of the Will Eisner Awards.

Originally showcasing primarily comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts, the convention now includes a larger range of pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres, including horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels. According to Forbes, the convention is the "largest convention of its kind in the world;" Publishers Weekly wrote "Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest show in North America." In 2010, it filled the San Diego Convention Center to capacity with more than 130,000 attendees.

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Diego_Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con in the Grand Comics Database:

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