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GCD Comics Timeline

Philippe Luguy (born 29 November 1948, France) saw his first pages published in French magazines like Phénix, Frimoussette, Princesse, Akim, Kiwi, Tarzan, Lancelot and Bugs Bunny. He made his actual professional debut in comics magazines such as Amis-Coop, Pieds Nickelés Magazine, Bibi Fricotin Magazine, Formule 1 and Fripounet. In the latter magazine, he started the series 'Sylvio le Grillon' with scenarist Jérina. Luguy continued the adventures of this insect in Pif Gadget from 1974 to 1982 this time mostly in cooperation with scenarists like Patrick Cothias and Lions.

Read more about Philippe Luguy at Lambiek Comiclopedia - https://www.lambiek.net/artists/l/luguy_p.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by Philippe Luguy - http://ow.ly/VbTG4

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Jerry Ordway (born 28 November 1957, USA) studied at the Milwaukee Technical High School and worked as a watercolor painter in the mid-1970s. Around this time, he also began to contribute to comics fanzines. His first break in comics was in 1980 when he inked a Carmine Infantino-penciled story 'Mystery in Space'. Since then, Ordway has worked on a variety of titles, mostly published by DC. His art credits include 'Justice League of America' and 'All-Star Squadron', and the 'Captain Marvel' series 'The Power of Shazam!', for which he also did scriptwork.

Read more about Jerry Ordway at Lambiek Comiclopedia - https://www.lambiek.net/artists/o/ordway_jerry.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by Jerry Ordway - http://ow.ly/VbQrA

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Renaud is a Belgian comic artist, who is best-known for creating 'Jessica Blandy' with Jean Dufaux. Born Renaud Denauw in Mouscron (28 November 1936), he studied at the Saint-Luc Art Academy in Tournai, and obtained a degree in Advertising-Lithography. He worked in the advertising field for a year, before he became a retoucher for the pocket publications of the publishing house Arédit. He also illustrated some novels that were originally published in the collection Fleuve Noir, and he created his first heroin, Miss Pamela Waps, a.k.a. 'La Guêpe'. He joined the magazine Spirou in 1975, where he started out with the series 'Aymone' in cooperation with Jean-Marie Brouyère, followed by 'Myrtille, Vidpoche et Cabochar' with Mittéï in 1978.

Read more about Renaud at Lambiek Comiclopedia - https://www.lambiek.net/artists/r/renaud.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by Renaud - http://ow.ly/VbRoz

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Lille-born comic artist François Boucq (born 28 November 1955) began his career in 1974 as a political caricaturist for Le Point, L'Expansion, Play-Boy and Le Matin de Paris. He published his first comics in Mormoil in the following year, while also making sculptures for the Lille carnival. He left his career in arts for a couple of years, until he began a collaboration with Pilote in 1978. He created a series of short stories under the title 'Cornets d'Humour'with scriptwriter Philippe Delan, that were later reprinted in album format under the title 'La Vie, la Mort et Tout le Bazar'.

Read more about François Boucq at Lambiek Comiclopedia - https://www.lambiek.net/artists/b/boucq.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by François Boucq - http://ow.ly/VbPwZ

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Paul Guinan (born 27 November 1962) is a Chicago-born multimedia artist whose eclectic career includes stints as a storyboard artist, cinematographer, ad-agency illustrator, kinetic sculptor, mural painter, production designer, radio DJ, model maker, silkscreener, and even wax-figure restorer for a Ripley’s Museum.

Read more about Paul Guinan at Big Red Hair - http://bigredhair.com/work/paul.html

Explore items in the GCD with work by Paul Guinan - http://ow.ly/V7WKY

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To all our friends in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lou Fine (26 Nobember 1914–24 July 1971) was born in New York City. He studied at the Grand Central Art School and Pratt Institute. He was partially crippled by childhood polio and longed to be an illustrator. Among his major influences were Dean Cornwell, J.C. Leyendecker, and Heinrich Kley.

Read more about Lou Fine at Lambiek Comiclopedia - https://www.lambiek.net/artists/f/fine.htm

Explore items in the GCD with work by Lou Fine - http://ow.ly/V5IKx

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