1967 - 1973
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Sport Magazine was one of numerous "Proprietors" that were part of the Kenneth G Murray publishing empire, most of which were named after specific publications. The eponymous 'Sport Magazine' ran June 1954 to December 1963, when its title changed to 'Australian Sport and Surfriding' until the magazine ended sometime after 1964. The publisher's output also included a range of other sporting and car publications until about 1973. Between 1967/68 and 1973/74, a range of comics was also published by Sport Magazine. Some of these titles carried the "Colour Comics" cover branding, but most were unbranded. Sport Magazine represented a distinct portfolio of Murray's comics focused on non-DC reprints, including rare Marvel reprints and material from Europe (especially Spain and the UK).
Issue Publication Date Brand
The Adventures of Auranella (1972 series) #1 ?
The Adventures of Auranella (1972 series) #2 [1972]
Doomsday (1972 series) #4 [August 1972] ?