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1943 - 1946
This company was a surrogate for Quality Comics, meaning that it published material on behalf of Quality Comics but was not directly associated with it.
United States
Number of Issues:
Publications bore text such as "This book has been manufactured under wartime conditions in full compliance with all orders and regulations of the War Production Board, in particular 1.245 by Vital Publications, Inc. New York", sometimes continuing "from material prepared and supplied by Comic Magazines". Comic Magazines was, of course, one of Quality's proper publishing companies.
Vital Publications, Inc. began publishing their own line of comics after the end of the WW2 paper allotment.
Issue Publication Date Brand
Plastic Man (1943 series) #[1] 1943 A Vital Book
Plastic Man (1943 series) #2 [August] 1944 A Vital Book
The Spirit (1944 series) #[1] 1944 A Vital Book
The Spirit (1944 series) #nn [2] 1945 A Vital Book
The Spirit (1944 series) #nn [3] 1945 A Vital Book