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1947 - 1958
Number of Issues:
This variation of the name (with out "Publishing Company") was one of a number of variations used early before company settled into its most common terms.
Issue Publication Date Brand
The Adventures of Devil Doone (1971 series) #47 [1972]
Batman (1950 series) #54 Colour Comics Pty Ltd
Batman (1950 series) #74 1956 ?
Jimmy Smart (1957 series) #1 [1957]
Jimmy Smart (1957 series) #2 [January 1958] ?
Man Out of Space (1947 series) [1947] A Blue Star Comic
Superman (1947 series) #34 [March 1950] Colour Comics Pty Ltd
Superman Annual (1953 series) #1953-54 1953 ?