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United States
Number of Issues:
Issue Publication Date Brand
All the Rage: The Boondocks Past and Present (2007 series) 2007 Three Rivers Press
Picture Books / Picture Classics (1981 series) #84726 - Tom Sawyer 1981
Please Pass the Hostess (1949 series) 1949 Random House
A Right to Be Hostile (2003 series) #[nn] 2003 Three Rivers Press
The Seventh New Yorker Album (1935 series) 1935 Random House
Vertigo: A Novel in Woodcuts (1937 series) 1937 RH
WWII (1976 series) #[nn] October 1976 BB Ballantine
X-Men: Experiment on Muir Island (1994 series) #[nn] 1994 A Random House Pictureback
X-Men: The Wedding of Jean and Cyclops (1994 series) #[nn] A Random House Pictureback
X-Men: To Stop a Juggernaut (1993 series) #[nn] [November] 1993 A Random House Pictureback