United States
Number of Issues:
Issue Publication Date Brand
The 1st Treasury of Herman (1979 series) #[nn] April 1979 Andrews and McMeel, Inc.
Beyond the Far Side (1983 series) August 1983 AM
A Collection of Herman Color Comics (1983 series) #[nn] 1983 Andrews and McMeel, Inc.
The Far Side (1982 series) August 1982 AM
Herman Sundays (1982 series) #[nn] 1982 Andrews and McMeel, Inc.
I've Got the One-More-Washload Blues... (1981 series) #[nn] July 1981 AM
The Second Herman Treasury (1980 series) #[nn] [Second Printing] October 1980 AM
What Do You Mean, I Still Don't Have Equal Rights??! (1980 series) #[nn] August 1980 AM