(April 2007)

DC, 2006 Series
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DC Comics
DC [swirl]
Matt Idelson; Nachie Castro (associate)
standard Modern Age US
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glossy paper
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was ongoing series

Issue Notes

This issue went on sale 7 weeks late from the original shipping date of this issue. This issue was originally supposed to contain the content that ended up in #662, so instead this issue contains a fill-in. This content change was announced by DC via a press release on 2007-02-27.

[no title indexed] (Table of Contents)

Superman / cover / 1 page (report information)

Kurt Busiek
Jesus Merino (signed)
Jesus Merino (signed)
Alex Sinclair (signed)

Superman; Wonder Woman; Khyrana the Accursed

Dangerous Lady (Table of Contents)

Superman / comic story / 22 pages (report information)

Kurt Busiek; Richard Howell (co-plot)
Richard Howell (layouts)
Eduardo Barreto (finished art)
Lee Loughridge
Richard Starkings

Superman; Wonder Woman; Eudora Brewster (cameo); Lois Lane; Khyrana the Accursed [Hermia Jadis] (intro, villain); Fenton Carruthers; Zeus (flashback); Science Police; Shuster Sports Arena; Metropolis Museum of Art
Wonder Woman makes a charity appearance in Metropolis, with Lois and Clark watching. She agrees to an interview with them later. In the evening, Wonder Woman appears at the art museum, and does a walking interview with Lois and Clark. While they are talking, a woman (the head of the charitable foundation, Hermia Jadis) walks up to a display, and breaks through it to retrieve a bracelet that she says is hers. Clark tries to stop her, but is blasted by her, revealing Superman. The woman feels his vitality, and decides to take him. Wonder Woman tries to intervene, but is knocked aside. By the time she and Lois get outside, Superman and the woman are gone. Wonder Woman finally realizes who she is, Khyrana the Accursed. She tells the story told by the Amazons of a woman who Zeus was attracted to, but rejects him. He curses her for all time, burning with the need of the touch of others, especially men. Lois tracks the Jadis family history throughout the last 60 or so years, finding women who look like her, and gentleman companions who disappear soon after being seen with her. Lois finds her current address, and Wonder Woman immediately goes there to confront Khyrana. They fight, with a weakened Superman watching, as Khyrana tells her story. Superman intervenes, but Khyrana starts to drain power from Wonder Woman too. But Khyrana is dazed, as the powers of Superman and Wonder Woman don't mix well, and those two manage to knock her out. Finally, Lois arrives with the Science Police, who take Khyrana away. The trio retire to the Kent's apartment. While Lois gets tea, an exhausted Wonder Woman and Clark fall asleep on the couch.

Indexer Notes

The Shuster Sports Arena is an homage to Superman co-creator Joe Shuster. Wonder Woman mentions a centaur named Biron, which is an homage to Super-Horse's identity in the Silver Age. And Janis' address at Holloway Square is likely an homage to Sterling Holloway, who played Prof. Oscar Quinn on "The Adventures of Superman" TV show in 3 episodes from 1953-1955.

#55 [April 5, 2007] One Year Later... (Table of Contents)

DC Nation / promo (ad from the publisher) / 1 page (report information)

Dan Didio

Indexer Notes

Dan discusses doing one year of DC Nation columns. Ads for Superman #662 [using a cover/story that was not in that issue], 52 #48, Manhunter #30, and Detective Comics #831. Appears on page 34 in this issue.

[House Advertisements] (Table of Contents)

promo (ad from the publisher) / 8 pages (report information)

Indexer Notes

House ads for: 52thecomic.com, World War III, Amazons Attack, Justice League of America/Justice Society of America: The Lightning Saga, Justice League of America hardcover 1, Batman Black and White statue, Frank Miller graphic novels (Ronin, Batman Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again), and Outsiders Annual #1/Nightwing Annual #1. Appear in various places in the issue.

[Ads] (Table of Contents)

advertisement / 4 pages (report information)

Indexer Notes

Total of 4 one-page ads for: got milk? with Vince Carter (milk), Lunar Knights (video game, Konami), The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, and abovetheinfluence (Partnership for a Drug-Free America). Appear in various places in the issue.


Table of Contents

  1. 0. [no title indexed]
  2. 1. Dangerous Lady
  3. 2. #55 [April 5, 2007] One Year Later...
    DC Nation
  4. 3. [House Advertisements]
  5. 4. [Ads]
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