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(October 1985)

DC, 1985 Series
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Indicia / Colophon Publisher:
DC Comics, Inc.
DC [bullet]
Marv Wolfman; Robert Greenberger (associate); Len Wein (consulting)
Standard Modern Age U. S.
Publishing Format:
Limited Series

Issue Notes

This issue has variants.

This Is It! Double-Size Shocker! (Table of Contents)

Crisis on Infinite Earths / cover / 1 page (report information)

George Perez (signed)
George Perez (signed)
Tom Ziuko
Gaspar Saladino

Blackhawk; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Elongated Man; Deadman; Green Lantern [John Stewart]; Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Rocky Davis; Ragman; Amethyst; Phantom Stranger; Zatanna; Dolphin; Flash [Barry Allen]; Atomic Knight; Kole; Mister Miracle; Warlord; Invisible Kid [Jacques Foccart]; Cinnamon; Plastic Man; Big Bear; Shade the Changing Man; Lori Lemaris; Jemm, Son of Saturn; Changeling [Gar Logan]; Tarantula; OMAC; Robin [Jason Todd]; Brainiac 5; Creeper; Hawkman [Carter Hall]; Sgt. Rock; Proty; Huntress [Helena Wayne]; Jonni Thunder; The Question; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Firestorm; Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Colossal Boy; Tomahawk; Kamandi; Power Girl; Superman [Earth-2]; Swamp Thing; Nightwing [Dick Grayson]; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Broot; Star Boy; King Solovar; Fury; Cyborg; Vigilante [Adrian Chase]; Gypsy; Metamorpho; Doll Man; Nuklon; Atom [Ray Palmer]; Jonah Hex; Blue Devil; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Batman [Earth-1]; Adam Strange; Wonder Woman [Earth-1]; Gold; Dr. Fate; Superman [Earth-1] (holding Supergirl [Earth-1]'s dead body as he cries in agony) (all heroes in silent mourning on cover)
Reprint Note before Migration:
  • in JLA in Crisis Secret Files (DC, 1998 series) #1

Indexer Notes

Color credits provided by Anthony Tollin.

Beyond the Silent Night (Table of Contents)

Crisis on Infinite Earths / comic story / 42 pages (report information)

Marv Wolfman
George Perez
Jerry Ordway; Dick Giordano
Tom Ziuko
John Costanza

The Human Bomb; Phantom Lady; Uncle Sam; Doll Man; The Ray (all as the Freedom Fighters); Captain Marvel [Billy Batson]; Captain Marvel Jr.; Mr. Tawky-Tawny; Mary Marvel; Uncle Marvel (all as the Marvel Family); Wonder Woman [Earth-1]; Black Canary; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Steel; Superman [Earth-1]; Batman [Earth-1]; Phantom Stranger; Firestorm (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Changeling [Gar Logan]; Kole; Starfire [Koriand'r]; Aqualad; Cyborg (all as the New Teen Titans); Green Arrow [Earth-2]; Atom [Al Pratt]; Liberty Belle; Crimson Avenger (image); Firebrand [Danette Reilly]; Green Lantern [Alan Scott] (all as the All-Star Squadron); Spectre [Jim Corrigan]; Huntress [Helena Wayne]; Power Girl; Superman [Earth-2] (all as the Justice Society of America/JSA); Blok; Mon-El; Wildfire; Brainiac 5 (all as the Legion of Super-Heroes); Katana; Metamorpho (all as the Outsiders); Jade; Star-Spangled Kid (all as Infinity Inc.); Harbinger (brief origin); Pariah (origin); Alexander Luthor Jr.; Supergirl (death); Wildcat [Yolanda Montez]; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Peacemaker; Thunderbolt [Peter Cannon]; Nightshade; Dr. Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; Cinnamon; Firehair; Lori Lemaris; Dolphin; Enemy Ace; Lady Quark; unidentified Sea Devils; Green Lantern Corps (flashback); Guardians of the Universe (flashback); Monitor (flashback, brief origin); Negative Man (image); Deadman; Captain Atom; Jimmy Olsen; Perry White; Lana Lang; Lois Lane; Batgirl [Barbara Gordon]; Sivana; IBAC; Brainiac; Krona (flashback); Manhunters (flashback); Controllers (flashback); Anti-Monitor (villain, origin); Thunderers/Destroyers of Qward (flashback); Psycho-Pirate [Roger Hayden]
The last 5 surviving Earths are slowly merging together in limbo as the Antimonitor attempts to destroy them using a solar machine inside his fortress in the antimatter universe, which is causing the merging. The heroes are told the old multiverse's origins by Harbinger, and Pariah explains his role in the Crisis. The heroes then go to the antimatter universe to stop the machine,and are successful, but at a cost: Supergirl sacrifices her life fighting the Antimonitor, and damages his armor in the process forcing him to retreat and swearing vengeance. She is then given a heroes' eulogy and private funeral by Superman (Earth-1) her cousin. The earths are safe for now. To be continued...
Fortress of Solitude

Table of Contents

  1. 0. This Is It! Double-Size Shocker!
    Crisis on Infinite Earths
  2. 1. Beyond the Silent Night
    Crisis on Infinite Earths
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