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Action Comics #862 [Direct]
(April 2008)

DC, 1938 Series
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DC Comics
DC [swirl]
761941200019 86211
Matt Idelson; Nachie Castro (associate)
standard Golden Age US; then standard Silver Age US; then standard Modern Age US
saddle-stitched (squarebound #334, 347, 360, 373, 437, 443, 449, 600)
Publishing Format:
was ongoing series

Issue Notes

This issue has variants.

Two covers were done for this issue; one featuring the Legion of Substitute-Heroes by Gary Frank, and an alternate one featuring Superman and some of the Subs vs. some of the Justice League by former Legion artist/writer Keith Giffen (10 issues for 1 issue mixture).

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part Five (Table of Contents)

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes / cover / 1 page (report information)

Gary Frank (signed)
Gary Frank (signed)

Legion of Substitute-Heroes [Rainbow Girl; Chlorophyll Kid; Fire Lad; Stone Boy]

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Chapter 5: Revenge of the Rejects (Table of Contents)

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes / comic story / 22 pages (report information)

Geoff Johns
Gary Frank
Jon Sibal
Dave McCaig; Hi-Fi
Rob Leigh

Superman; Brainiac 5; Colossal Boy; Dawnstar; Wildfire; Polar Boy; Justice League [Earth-Man [Absorbancy Boy]; Spider-Girl; Tusker; Golden Boy; Storm Boy; Radiation Roy]; Eye-Ful Ethel; Chameleon Girl [Yera Allon]; Legion of Substitute-Heroes [Rainbow Girl; Chlorophyll Kid; Fire Lad; Stone Boy]; Night Girl (flashback, cameo); Phantom Girl (flashback, cameo); Chameleon Boy (flashback, cameo); Triplicate Girl (flashback, cameo); Saturn Girl (cameo); Cosmic Boy (cameo); Invisible Kid [Jacques Foccart] (cameo); Shadow Lass (cameo); Lightning Lass (cameo); Timber Wolf (cameo); Lightning Lad (cameo); Sun Boy (cameo)
In the 31st century, as Superman and his Legion colleagues return to Earth, he decides to call in the Legion of Substitute-Heroes to run interference for them. They do, attacking Justice League headquarters with a space bus. Meanwhile, Superman's team sneaks in, and find the missing Legionnaires, along with the crystal tablet that proclaimed that Superman was human, and it appears genuine. They also find Sun Boy, and discover the machine he's attached to has changed the sun's color. They also find Chameleon Girl, but as she gets close, they discover that it's really Earth-Man, who attacks them. Earth-Man confronts Superman, whom he hates for being accepted by the Legion when he wasn't. They fight, which Earth-Man gains the upper hand with all the Legionnaires stolen powers versus a powerless Superman. But Superman takes the fight "outside", to Earth orbit.

Indexer Notes

Story continued from the previous issue, and continues in the next issue. The Kryptonese text on the crystal tablet on page 15 reads "THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN".

DC Nation 102 [February 27, 2008] (Table of Contents) (Expand) /

DC Nation / promo (ad from the publisher) / 1 page (report information)

[House Advertisements] (Table of Contents) (Expand) /

promo (ad from the publisher) / 9 pages (report information)

[Ads] (Table of Contents) (Expand) /

advertisement / 3 pages (report information)


Table of Contents

  1. 0. Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Part Five
    Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
  2. 1. Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Chapter 5: Revenge of the Rejects
    Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
  3. 2. DC Nation 102 [February 27, 2008]
    DC Nation
  4. 3. [House Advertisements]
  5. 4. [Ads]
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