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1947 - 1950
United States
Indicia / Colophon Publishers:

Total Number of Series:
Total Number of Issues:

D.S. Publishing Company enters the publishing market around 1941, with several 'song sheets' (slim magazines, which reprinted the lyrics of popular songs under license from A.S.C.A.P.), which were popular at the time; in 1946, D.S. published Select Detective, a one-shot true crime magazine (the cover reads Selected Detective); late 1947, D.S. begins publishing comic books, which includes Select Detective, now as a comic; with early issues of Underworld and Outlaws being notably violent; by 1949-50, D.S. is publishing its final comic titles, with the juvenile interest Elsie the Cow (licensed by Borden Milk) and Let's Pretend (a CBS radio show); Richard Davis is listed throughout as editor, publisher or president, with V.C. Albus listed as vice president 1949-50; the editorial address throughout is 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, which was subsequently used by another comic book publisher, P.L. Publishing (1951); no other connection is known at this time.
Series Year # Issues Covers
Breeze Lawson, Sky Sheriff 1948 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Circus Comics 1948 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Elsie the Cow Comics 1949 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery
Elsie the Cow Comics for Boys and Girls 1957? 3 issues (1 indexed) Have 2 (Need 1)
Everyday Birthday Fun with Elsie the Cow 1957 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Exposed 1948 9 issues (9 indexed) Gallery
Gangsters Can't Win 1948 9 issues (3 indexed) Gallery
Jeff Jordan, U.S. Agent 1947 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Let's Pretend 1950 3 issues (1 indexed) Gallery
Moe & Shmoe 1948 2 issues (2 indexed) Gallery
Outlaws 1948 9 issues (9 indexed) Gallery
Pay-Off 1948 5 issues (5 indexed) Gallery
Public Enemies 1948 9 issues (9 indexed) Gallery
Roundup 1948 5 issues (0 indexed) Gallery
Select Detective 1948 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery
Tex Farrell 1948 1 issue (1 indexed) Have 1 (Need 1)
Underworld 1948 9 issues (9 indexed) Gallery
Whodunit 1948 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery