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1951 - 1951
United States
Indicia / Colophon Publishers:
Brand Groups:
Brand Emblems in Use:

Total Number of Series:
Total Number of Issues:

An American publisher who opted for printing its comics in Canada; However, they were compiled in USA, with American advertisements & were destined for the US market (distributed by Kable News); The editorial address was 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, which was also used by another comic book publisher, D.S. Publishing Co. (1948-1950); no further connection is known at this time
Series Year # Issues Covers
Border Patrol 1951 3 issues (1 indexed) Gallery
Captain Rocket 1951 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Co-Ed Romances 1951 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Love Life 1951 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Red Arrow 1951 3 issues (1 indexed) Gallery
Saari 1951 1 issue (1 indexed) Gallery
Weird Adventures 1951 3 issues (3 indexed) Gallery
Western Frontier 1951 3 issues (1 indexed) Have 3 (Need 1)