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1983 - 1986
United Kingdom
Indicia / Colophon Publishers:
Brand Groups:
Brand Emblems in Use:

Total Number of Series:
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Eagle Comics was set up by Nick Landau to re-package IPC Magazines Ltd material for the American and Canadian markets, though the publisher's offices were located in the United Kingdom. In 1986, Dez Skinn's Quality Periodicals briefly took over this role. Then in 1987, when IPC sold its comics division to Fleetway, the job of re-packaging this material was taken over by S.Q.P. Inc., first continuing under the Quality label, then as Fleetway Quality.
Series Year # Issues Covers
2000 A.D. 1986 4 issues (4 indexed) Gallery
2000 A.D. [2000 A.D. Monthly] 1985 6 issues (6 indexed) Gallery
Judge Dredd 1983 33 issues (33 indexed) Gallery
Judge Dredd's Crime File 1985 6 issues (6 indexed) Gallery
Judge Dredd: The Early Cases 1986 6 issues (6 indexed) Gallery
Judge Dredd: The Judge Child Quest 1984 5 issues (5 indexed) Gallery
Nemesis 1984 7 issues (7 indexed) Gallery
Robo-Hunter 1984 5 issues (5 indexed) Gallery
The Stainless Steel Rat 1985 6 issues (6 indexed) Gallery
Strontium Dog 1985 4 issues (4 indexed) Gallery