1945 ? - 1954 ?
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Indicia / Colophon Publishers:

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Times Printing Works Ltd., 2-4 Chapman St., Newton, Auckland, N.Z. An Auckland publisher active from 1945 till 1954. Times was a family enterprise run by John G. Helleur and his name or initials appear in many of the early comic publications. It produced some original New Zealand material as well as republishing Australian comics, both original Australian work and US reprints. Australian sources include, at least, Young's Merchandising and Magazine Management. Times Printing Works was involved as printer and/or publisher of comics at various stages.
Series Year # Issues Covers
Blue Ribbon Westerns 1950? 1 issue (0 indexed) Add
Char Chapman 1952? 5 issues (0 indexed) Have 2 (Need 3)
Crack Western 1950? 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
Silver Starr 1940? 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery
The Texas Riders 1950? 1 issue (0 indexed) Gallery