Crest Books, 1960 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
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August 1960
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Standard Mass Market Paperback size 4 1/4 x 6 7/8 inches (height 17.3 cm; width 10.9 cm). Squarebound. Cardstock Full Color Cover. B&W and Newsprint Paper Interior.
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  • without publisher's brand information (1 issue)
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Part of a larger Crest Books paperback series, not all comics. Continues from series #393. Continues into series #395.
Imprint: Fawcett Crest Books / Fawcett Publications, Inc. / Fawcett World Library. First Printing. Copyright 1959 by Virgil Franklin Partch & William McIntyre. Party tips with cartoons by Virgil Franklin Partch (VIP). Contains 30 additional cartoons not in Simon and Schuster, Inc. original.

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