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Dark Horse, 2004 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
Random Cover from Series #5
March 2005
Cover Gallery 
Publication Dates:
November 2004 - March 2005
Number of Issues Published:
5 (#1 - #5)
Standard Modern Age U. S. (6.6" x 10.1")
Paper Stock:
Publishing Format:
Limited Series
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
Previous B.P.R.D. title is the five-issue series B.P.R.D., Plague of Frogs (Dark Horse, 2004 series). Next is the six-issue series B.P.R.D., The Black Flame (Dark Horse, 2005 series). Starting with the first issue of this series, inside front covers of B.P.R.D. one-shots and miniseries include the note "Number X in a Series" counting from BPRD: Hollow Earth [B.P.R.D.: Hollow Earth] (Dark Horse, 2002 Series) #1.

Indicia title has comma (as indexed) rather than colon.

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