Bell Features, 1950 Series
Published in English (Canada) Canada
First Issue Cover
Publication Dates:
1950? - [circa early 1952]
Number of Issues Published:
6 (#94 - #100)
Four Colour interiors; full colour cover
Standard Golden Age U.S.
Paper Stock:
newsprint interior; glossy cover
Publishing Format:
Was ongoing Series
American comic; horror; reprint
Series Details:
Publisher's Brands:
Indicia Publishers:
Numbering continues from Marvel Mystery Comics (Bell Features, 1948 series)
Canadian edition reprints of U.S. comics series Marvel Tales (Marvel, 1949 series), restricted to 36-pages. As with the U.S. series, Marvel Tales was a continuation of Marvel Mystery Comics.

The Canadian series has some skip numbering after #94; the Bell Canada issue #95 reprints U.S. #96; #97 reprints its opposite number; #98 and #99 reprint U.S. issues #100 and #101; whilst #100 reprints U.S. #104. Other issues in this series may exist.

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