Tokyopop, 2006 Series
Published in English (United States) United States
First Issue Cover
Publication Dates:
November 2006 - 2007
Number of Issues Published:
3 (#1 - #3)
digest size softcover; black and white; squarebound
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  • without publisher's brand information (3 issues)
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"It is the glorious FUTURE... ...and no city better exemplifies why the future is AWESOME than Neo-Tokyo, Capital of Business! Here, brilliant and shrewd businessmen combat one another for corporate supremacy--not with boring negotiations, but with EPIC GIANT ROBOT BATTLES! Sounds great, right? Ha ha! NO. Not if you're BROKE. Our hero, restauranteur Goto Onishi, is totally destitute. His late father left him in charge of the family ramen house, and despite Goto's lofty dreams and burning fighting spirit of JUSTICE, he has next to no business sense and is running the place into the ground. As if this weren't bad enough, Goto has to constantly defend his business-- nay, his very MANHOOD--from the barbs and slander of his arch-rival Pimp King Oboe and his deadly robot: DYNOMITE DX! But...! Goto's father may have left him with more than just a restaurant. What hidden (giant robot) secret power (giant robot) lurks beneath the floorboards (giant robot)? Will Goto be able to defeat the Pimp King? Who exactly WAS Goto's father? And who's this mystery dude who pretty much looks exactly like Goto except he's taller and stuff?! Three of these four questions will be answered within! Prepare you now... for ATOMIC KING DAIDOGAN!!" from

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