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The Grand Comics Database is sad to announce the passing of longtime contributor Lou Mougin.

Lou Mougin (1954-2022) Prolific indexer for the GCD, he got his start working on indexes sold by Marvel and DC, as well as numerous articles on gold and silver age comics. He continued to index comics for the GCD while he wrote comics professionally.

He contributed to thousands of issues at the GCD,

Rest in peace.

Mark Evanier's obit of Lou Mougin.

Uploading Milestone!

Cover Image

We reached 1,111,111 cover scans !

We reached 1,111,111 comic covers. The milestone issue was the Peach Momoko Chibi Variant from the just published Tiger Division #1 from Marvel.

Volunteers Wanted For Adding New Comics

Each week, a small number of GCD volunteers add listings to our database for the new comics released that week in North America. These are just the basic listings, not full indexes. This makes it easier for other volunteers who upload covers and for indexers, as well as for people using

Each volunteer covers one publisher or a small group of publishers ("D publishers except DC", for example). From public sources such as ComicsList and Diamond Previews online, they add the issues and make note of the prices and a few other details. We are looking for additional volunteers for this weekly task.

Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Berton Braley (b. 1882)

1882 January 29 - 1966 January 23
Braley was a poet who also wrote for pulps and briefly some comic text stories from 1944 to 1945.

For details on Braley's poetry career, see Berton Braley Cyber Museum at

Mu-jik Park (b. 1973)

1973 January 29
Intending to be a manga artist from his childhood days, Boichi majored in physics in college as preparation to draw science fiction works, and also to learn the technology of performance and imaging. He went on to graduate school to major in image technology. In 1993, while still enrolled, Boichi debuted in a Korean girls manhwa magazine. Since then, he gained popularity releasing a number of works and publishing books on how to draw manga targeting a wide range of readers.

Hal Sharp (b. 1914)

1914 January 29 - 1991 February 15
Syndication work:
Sportsman's Digest weekly (General Features Corporation) 1952-XX-XX - 1974-XX-XX [Sharp wrote and did the art.];
Sportsman's Digest weekly (Los Angeles Times Syndicate) 1974-XX-XX - 1992-XX-XX [Sharp wrote and did the art. Probably reprinted after his death.]

国樹由香 (b. ????)

????? January 29
Yuka Kuniki (国樹由香) is a manga artist who made her debut in 1994. Best known for the series Kota-kun to Ohiru ne (こたくんとおひるね) and Kono Hana wa Watashi desu. (この花はわたしです。).

星野之宣 (b. 1954)

1954 January 29
Yukinobu Hoshino (星野之宣) is a manga artist with extensive credits to his name in both science fiction and history genres. Known for works like 2001 Nights (2001夜物語 / Nisen'ichi Ya Monogatari), Blue Hole (ブルー ホール, Burū Hōru), Yamataika (ヤマタイカ), Blue City (ブルーシティー), Saber Tiger (サーベル・タイガー / Sāberu Taigā) and the Professor Munakata manga series.

萩埜まこと (b. ????)

????? January 29
Makoto Hagino (萩埜まこと) is a manga artist and illustrator. Created the series "A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow" (熱帯魚は雪に焦がれる / Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru).

Adrian Lopez (b. 1906)

1906 January 28 - 2004 January 27
Adrian Lopez was a publisher of Youthful Magazines from circa 1949 to circa 1953.

Connie Rasinski (b. 1907)

1907 January 28 - 1965 October day?
Connie Rasinski was an animator best known for his work with Terrytoons, which he was a director for from 1937 to 1965.

Rasinski did comic book work for Jason Comic Art from 1945 to 1946, which appeared in titles by Spotlight Publishers [1940s], Magazine Enterprises, Round Publishing Company, and Harvey.

By 1947, and continuing until at least 1954, Rasinski worked on Terrytoons comic book titles for St. John.

丸尾末広 (b. 1956)

1956 January 28
Suehiro Maruo (丸尾末広) is a manga artist, painter and illustrator known for his striking visual style reminiscent of 19th century Japanese woodblock muzan-e prints. His published works in English include Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show, Strange Tale of Panorama Island and Ultra-Gash Inferno.

麻宮騎亜 (b. 1963)

1963 January 28
Kia Asamiya (麻宮騎亜) is a manga artist who made his debut in 1986. He first became known for the series Silent Möbius (サイレントメビウス). Other works include Martian Successor Nadesico (機動戦艦ナデシコ), Compiler and Steam Detectives (快傑蒸気探偵団). He's also done work featuring Western franchise brands including a Star Wars adaptation and the Batman: Child of Dreams series.

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