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GCD Comics Timeline

Pierre Christin (born 27 July 1938, France) is a prolific, popular, and well-respected comics writer and novelist.

He created his first comic story in 1966 with his childhood friend, artist Jean-Claude Mézières, in “Pilote”. Through the end of the decade, Christin continued to write stories for artists such as Jean Giraud, Jijé, and others, in “Pilote” and “Tout Journal”.

In 1967, he and Mézières teamed again to create the science fiction series ‘Valérian: agent spatio-temporel’ in “Pilote”, with the first album appearing in 1970. Now called ‘Valérian et Laureline’, the two creators still produce the comics.

There was a television adaptation in 2007. Mézières’ visual design for the comic has influenced science fiction films for decades and this year saw the release of the film adaptation “Valérian”.

While writing ‘Valérian’ and teaching French literature at the University of Bordeaux, Christin has also written stories for many other artists.

From Jacque Tardi and Enki Bilal to Annie Goetzinger and Philippe Aymond, he has been very productive. In 1990, he and Mézières even created a new feature, ‘Canal Choc’.

Christin has received awards at Angoulême in 1976, 1986, and 1997, including Best French Author. He received a Haxtur Award at Asturias in 1995 and a Max & Moritz at Erlangen (Germany) in 1996.

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(Mézières created the cover art on “Valerian - The Complete Collection” #2, July 2017)

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Guido Buzzelli (27 July 1927 – 25 January 1992, Italy) was a comics creator, illustrator, and painter.

His career began in the 1950s in Italy, in “Zorro”, “Bill dei Marines”, and other comics.

He moved to England while producing ‘Angélique’ for the “Daily Mirror”. He returned to Italy to focus on painting.

In 1966, he created “La rivolta dei racchi” (“The Revolt of the Ugly”, 1966), a fantasy story critiquing the class struggle. He continued in this vein with “I Labirinti” (1970), “L’intervista” (1975), “La guerra videologica” (1978), and other works.

In 1985, he drew the first oversized volume of “Tex Special” (Bonelli), written by Claudio Nizzi. Under the pen name ‘Blotz’ he created erotic stories in the monthly “Charlie”.

Buzzelli received the Yellow Kid at Lucca in 1973.

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(Buzzelli created the cover of “Le Nouveau Pif” #682, 20 April 1982)

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Nicola Scott (born 27 July 1960, Australia) began her career as a comics artist with painted covers on “The Watch” (Phosphorescent Comics, 2001).

Her earliest work for USA publishers was at Kenzer and Company (“Knights of the Dinner Table”) and Dark Horse Comics (“Star Wars: Empire”) in 2004.

She has worked steadily at DC Comics — on “Birds of Prey” (2007–2008), “Secret Six” (2008–2009), “Teen Titans” (2010–2011), and “Earth 2” (2012–2014), as well as many other titles.

She is currently drawing “Black Magick” at Image (since 2015) and has drawn covers for comics from IDW, Devil’s Due, Dynamite, and other publishers.

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(Scott created this variant cover of “Red Sonja” #2, August 2013)

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Harry Candelario (born 26 July 1962, USA) joined the Marvel bullpen right out of high school, in 1980.

He eventually became an inker and stayed at Marvel through 2001, with occasional freelance work at other publishers.

He inked over Greg Capullo on “Quasar” (1991–1992), over Ron Lim on “X-Men 2099” (1994–1996), and over Andy Kuhn on “Marvel Adventures” (1997–1998).

He also worked on issues of “Marvel Comics Presents” (1990–1991), “Excalibur” (1991–1994), “X-Force” (1992–1994), “Daredevil” (1997), and other titles.

He inked the mini-series “Domino” (1997), written by Ben Raab and penciled by David Perrin. He inked early issues of “Cable” in 1993, and some of his final comics work was on that series in 2001.

Candelario is now a web designer and coder.

At HarryCSS.com
In the GCD —

(Candelario penciled and inked the cover of “Marvel Comics Presents” #131, 1993)

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Dan Reynolds (born 26 July 1960, USA) is a prolific cartoonist, having created his first feature, ‘Over the Edge’, in 1989.

His cartoons appear in a wide range of magazines, from “Heartland USA” to “Reader’s Digest”. He also creates greeting cards for American Greetings.

His best-known feature is ‘Reynolds Unwrapped’, which has been collected in books such as “The Toilet Zone” and “Christmas Meltdown”.

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(This Reynolds cartoon appeared in the Cartoon Blog on, 16 June 2012)

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Lawrence Watt-Evans (born 26 July 1954, USA) is a prolific science fiction and fantasy author whose career began in 1980.

In the 1990s, he wrote a few comics stories for anthology series such as “Open Space” and “Dark Horse Presents”. He also wrote the first two issues of “Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe” (Big Entertainment, 1995).

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(Bill Sienkiewicz painted the cover of “Gene Roddenberry’s Lost Universe” #1, April 1995)

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Bob Pinaha (born 26 July 1953) has been a letterer for many USA comics publishers since the early 1980s. He was a 1989 Harvey Award Nominee in the category of Best Letterer for his work on “Grendel” at Comico.

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(Allen Helbig drew the cover of “Animaniacs: Welcome to Emergency World”, 1995, with lettering by Pinaha)

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John Statema (born 25 July 1961, USA) is an artist who has worked in comics, games illustration, and character design.

From the mid-1980s to the end of the 1990s, he worked for a variety of comics publishers.

Series he worked on include “Manhunter” (DC, 1989–1990), “G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero” (Marvel, 1991) “The Solution” (Malibu, 1994–1995), and “Prime” (Malibu, then Marvel, 1994–1995).

During that same period, he illustrated for TSR for their role-playing games. For “Marvel Super Heroes”, he illustrated ‘Nightmares of Futures Past’ (1987) and other supplements. For “Dungeons and Dragons”, he illustrated ‘The Ruins of Myth Drannor’ (1992) and other modules.

From the late 1990s, he has worked in animation. He created character designs for “The Angry Beavers” (1998–1999) and “Jackie Chan Adventures” (2001–2002).

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(Statema created the cover of “The Solution” #12, October 1994)

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Alex Wald (born 25 July 1949, USA) has been a colorist, cartoonist, editor, and translator (from Japanese) for American publishers since the 1980s.

In the GCD —

(Geof Darrow drew the cover of “The War That Time Forgot” #11, May 2009, which Wald colored)

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S. Clay Wilson (born 25 July 1941, USA) is a central figure in the underground comix movement.

He attracted attention from readers with aggressively violent and sexually explicit panoramas of lowlife denizens, often depicting the wild escapades of pirates and bikers.

He was an early contributor to “Zap Comix” and his artistic audacity has been cited by R. Crumb as a liberating source of inspiration for Crumb’s own work.

Wilson was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame in 1992.

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(Wilson created this cover of “Yama Yama / The Ugly Head”, 1981)

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