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Uploading Milestone!

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We reached 1,000,000 cover scans !

We reached 1,000,000 comic covers. The milestone issue was Coleccion Alicia #180 from a Spanish series.

Volunteers Wanted For Adding New Comics

Each week, a small number of GCD volunteers add listings to our database for the new comics released that week in North America. These are just the basic listings, not full indexes. This makes it easier for other volunteers who upload covers and for indexers, as well as for people using

Each volunteer covers one publisher or a small group of publishers ("D publishers except DC", for example). From public sources such as ComicsList and Diamond Previews online, they add the issues and make note of the prices and a few other details. We are looking for additional volunteers for this weekly task.

Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Dave Higgins (b. 1919)

1919 December 9
Higgins was primarily an animator, but worked in comics for Archie doing pencil and ink work for the features Li'l Chief Bugaboo, from 1943 to 1944, and Super Duck, sometimes during the 1940s.

It also possible that his work appeared in Heavy Metal Magazine (Heavy Metal, 1977 Series), writing and painting in 1983.

Syndication work:
Cacique Bugaloo (unknown syndicate) 1948-XX-XX - 1950-XX-XX [Writer, pencil, and ink work. Uncertain if ever picked up by any newspaper.].

Mark Ricketts (b. 1955)

1955 December 9
2000 Klasky Csupo Screenwriting Award

Lars Arrhenius (b. 1966)

1966 December 8 - 2020 April 18
Swedish artist, cartoonist and animator.

Jamie de Jonge (b. 1992)

1992 December 8
Comic artist and illustrator. Mostly works in the manga style and mostly publishes digitally. First published work: 'Jong geluk' (2016).

Erik Larsen (b. 1962)

1962 December 8
Co-founder of Image. Creator of Savage Dragon.

John Mundt (b. 1965)

1965 December 8 - 2019 December 11
John was the founder of "Fallfire," an annual creativity contest held in the autumn in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. He was the creator of the self-published comic book, The Adventures of Monkey. His art has appeared as illustrations in modern printings of several Wizard of Oz books, and in a display in the Wisconsin State Capitol building. He was also the official artist for the annual International Mole Day Celebration. He was also a caricature artist, lending his talents to many charitable events and groups, including the annual Prairie du Chien Eagles Heart & Cancer Telethon.

John was a board member of the Fort Crawford Museum, and Director of the Community Theatre, both in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. He was featured as the character "Mr. Prairie du Chien" in a television commercial for the Prairie du Chien Chamber of Commerce. He married Vickie Valley on October 3, 1997.

As far back as High School (he graduated in May 1984) he signed his name with "Esq." tacked on at the end. When asked about why he did that, he explained that if it was good enough for Bugs Bunny, it was good enough for him.

Boody Rogers (b. 1904)

1904 December 8 - 1996 February 6
Gordon G. "Boody" Rogers was a comics creator who worked in syndicated strips and in comic books.

He began his career in the late 1920s illustrating strips for various syndicates and assisting credited artists.

In 1940, he created his best-known feature, ‘Sparky Watts’, a super-hero parody in every particular except costumes.

The original strip lasted two years, until Rogers was drafted for World War II. It was reprinted in comic books while he served.

After the war, Rogers created new stories for the comics until the publisher, Columbia, closed in 1949. A strip revival was not successful.

He drew the comics “Babe, Darling of the Hills” (1948–1950) and “Dudley” (1949–1950) at Prize, and retired from comics in 1952.

円城寺マキ (b. ????)

????? December 8
Maki Enjoji (円城寺マキ) is a manga artist whose work includes Private Prince (プライベート・プリンス), Hapi Mari 〜Happy Marriage!?〜, SP Baby, Yoru Cafe (ヨルカフェ。), Fu Junai (不・純愛), Dear Brother (ディア ブラザー!), Koi wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo (恋はつづくよどこまでも) and others.

出渕裕 (b. 1958)

1958 December 8
Yutaka Izubuchi (出渕裕) is an anime designer and director. His RahXephon anime was later adapted into manga.

Toni Capuozzo (b. 1948)

1948 December 7
Giornalista e scrittore.

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