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We reached 725,000 cover scans!

With the cover for the newsstand edition of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #555 we reached a new milestone for cover scans.

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GCD Comics Timeline

Eckart Breitschuh (born 16 August 1964, Germany) is an artist and author, working in comic books, animation storyboards, and short films.

His first published comic was in 1991. His comics stories have been published by Carlsen, Egmont Ehapa, and others.

His work includes stories based on a TV series (“Lindenstrasse”), crime stories (“Wanda Caramba”), children’s books, and a series about an apocalypse written in consultation with a theologian (serialized in “Grimm”).

At Comiclopedia — (some explicit images)
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(Isabel Kreitz and Stefan Dinter created the cover art on “Mabuse” #2, August 2000, written by Breitschuh)

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Jeff Broeckx (born 16 August 1943, Belgium) has been creating comics since he was 16

He often collaborates with his mother Maria de Winter as the writer. The pair have produced series such as “De Witte Hinde”, “Dag en Heidi”, and “Sloeber”.

From 1969, Broeckx started drawing “Bessy” at the Vandersteen Studio, which he eventually took over completely. In 1984 he revised the series to a focus on ecology and retitled it “Bessy Natuurcommando”.

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(Broeckx created the cover art on “Sloeber” #1 - De schilderijendiefstal, 1 September 1982)

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Lori Gentile (born 15 August 1970, USA?) has been an editor at Moonstone since about 2000.

In the GCD —

(Graham Nolan created the cover art on “The Phantom: The Graham Nolan Sundays” #1, 2005, co-edited by Gentile)

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Ed Dobrotka (15 August 1917 – 23 March 1977, USA) was a comics creator who typically worked as an inker.

His career began in the early 1940s at the Shuster studio, where he inked over Shuster himself, John Sikela, Wayne Boring, and others.

From 1941 to 1946, he often inked ‘Superman’ in “Action Comics” (DC), typically over Leo Nowak or Sikela. Sikela and Dobrotka are often credited with the story in #64 that introduced the original Toyman, but based on Jerry Siegel’s payslips to uncredited creators, we believe the story was drawn by Sam Citron and Don Komisarow.

In 1942 and 1943, he produced full art on two ‘Seven Soldiers of Victory’ stories in “Leading Comics”, on ‘Robotman’ in “Star Spangled Comics”, and on Starman chapters of two ‘Justice Society of America’ stories in “All-Star Comics”, all at DC.

He drew full art on ‘Captain Triumph’ in “Cracked Comics” and on a few other stories at Quality between 1943 and 1946. He also drew a few stories in “Mr. District Attorney” (DC) in 1948.

He inked Sikela on ‘Superboy’ (1949–1951) in “Adventure Comics” and from the first issue of his own title.

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(Dobrotka created the cover art on “Leading Comics” #6, Spring 1943)

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Clarence D. Russell (15 August 1895– 23 October 1963, USA) was a comics creator who worked in newspaper illustration, magazine cartoons, and syndicated strips.

After studying at the Chicago Art Institute, he began freelancing cartoons in the mid-1910s. He then served in World War I, returning home in 1920.

He was working at the “New York Evening Post” and the “New York Evening Mail” and publishing cartoons in “Judge” magazine in the 1920s.

In his “Judge” cartoons, he gradually developed the character Pete, who was a wandering tramp. He said in an interview that “He was my escape valve. Pete did the things I always wanted to do.”

In 1932, his ‘Pete the Tramp’ syndicated feature debuted and he continued to produce the strip until his death. ‘The Tucker Twins’ and ‘Pete’s Pup’ were topper strips he created over the years.

During World War II, he and Otto Soglow (23 December 1900 – 3 April 1975, creator of ‘The Little King’) drew their characters at children’s bond rallies and in veterans’ hospitals.

At Comiclopedia —
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(Russell created the cover art on “Skippern” #1/1956, 7 January 1956, a Norwegian edition)

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Frode Øverli (born 15 August 1968, Norway) is a popular comics creator working in newspaper features and comic books.

His parodies of ‘The Phantom’ appeared in “Fantomet” from the mid-1980s, while he was still in school. He began publishing in the new magazine “Pyton” in 1986, where he remained until the mid-1990s.

He created his most successful feature in 1995, ‘Pondus’, hilariously focused on football fans Pondus and Jokke and their families and friends.

Begun in a small local newspaper, it soon became a regular feature in the comics magazine “Ernie” (1996–2000). In 1997, it was picked up by the national newspaper “Dagbladet” and is now syndicated throughout Scandinavia.

The “Pondus” magazine began in 2000, the first Norwegian strip to feature in its own comic.

Øverli received the Sproing Award from Norsk Tegneserieforum (NTF) in 1998 and 2003 and the Adamson Award from the Swedish Academy of Comic Art (SACA) in 2006.

At Comiclopedia —
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In the GCD —

(Øverli created the cover art on “Pondus” #6/2018, June 2018)

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Chris Krone (15 August 1966 – 14 December 2013, The Netherlands) was a comics creator who worked in animation and in comic books.

He was one of the artists on a story about the ‘Dutch Spiderman’ (Hans Jensen), who was inspired by the USA super-hero. The story in “Superhelden Agenda” #3 (JuniorPress, 1989-90) was one of only two original stories published there while they held the license for Marvel reprints.

He wrote stories in “Wartaal” (Het Stripschap) in the mid-1990s and his animation career began late in the decade.

Krone was inking for Windmill Comics just before his untimely death from multiple sclerosis.

In the GCD —
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(Krone inked Steven de Rie on the ‘Stille Getuige’ panel on the cover of “Hip Comics” #19170, September 2009)

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Pran Kumar Sharma (15 August 1938 – 5 August 2014, India) was a popular and influential comics creator.

He created ‘Daabu’ in the newspaper “Milap” (1960) at a time when comics in India were mainly reprints like ‘The Phantom’ and ‘Superman’.

He is best known for ‘Chacha Chaudhary’, which he created in 1969 in the Hindi magazine “Lotpot”. His own comic, begun in 1971, is still published by Diamond Comics, with art now by Sayed Nahid Mian.

Available in ten Indian languages, it is popular with young and old alike and in 2009 was adapted in a live-action film.

He also created other characters that are still being published, such as ‘Raman’, ‘Billoo’, and ‘Channi Chachi’.

The office-worker ‘Raman’ is particularly popular among Kannadigas and in 1983 Prime Minister Indira Ghandi released “Raman – Ham Ek Hain” (“Raman – United We Stand”) to promote national unity.

Pran received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Indian Institute of Cartoonists in 2001.

At Wikipedia —

(This photo of Pran and drawing of Chaudhary were found at [in Hindi])

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John Semper Jr. (born 14 August) is an animation screenwriter, producer, and story editor.

Some of his scripts for “Spider-Man: The Animated Series” were adapted in the “Spider-Man Adventures” comic series (Marvel, 1994–1995).

He is currently writing the Rebirth “Cyborg” series (DC, 2016+).

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(Will Conrad created this cover of “Cyborg: Rebirth” #1, November 2016)

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Steve Orlando (born 14 August 1985, USA) is a comics creator who works mainly as a writer.

He created and wrote “Undertow” (Image, 2014), drawn by Artyom Trakhanov. He now works primarily for DC Comics.

His “Midnighter” (2015–2016) and “Midnighter and Apollo” (2016–2017) series won critical acclaim. Each were nominated for GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Comic Book, awarded for LGBT stories and representation.

He writes the current “Supergirl” series (2016+), which began in the Rebirth continuity, and he wrote the Rebirth “Justice League of America” (2017–2018).

In 2017, he co-wrote “Batman / Shadow” (DC) and wrote the sequel, “Shadow / Batman” (Dynamite).

At Wikipedia —
In the GCD —

(Emanuela Lupacchino created this cover of “Supergirl: Rebirth” #1, October 2016)

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