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Uploading Milestone!

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We reached 1,000,000 cover scans !

We reached 1,000,000 comic covers. The milestone issue was Coleccion Alicia #180 from a Spanish series.

Volunteers Wanted For Adding New Comics

Each week, a small number of GCD volunteers add listings to our database for the new comics released that week in North America. These are just the basic listings, not full indexes. This makes it easier for other volunteers who upload covers and for indexers, as well as for people using

Each volunteer covers one publisher or a small group of publishers ("D publishers except DC", for example). From public sources such as ComicsList and Diamond Previews online, they add the issues and make note of the prices and a few other details. We are looking for additional volunteers for this weekly task.

Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Roy Gasnick (b. 1933)

1933 November 26 - 2015 July 24
Franciscan Monk, Roy was the director of Franciscan Communication at the office of New York. He helped to write religious comics published by Marvel, such as Francis, Brother of the Universe (Marvel, 1980 series) and Mother Teresa (Marvel, 1984 series).

Giuseppe Montanari (b. 1936)

1936 November 26
Giuseppe Montanari joined the studios of Roy d'Ami in 1954 as an apprentice along with Renzo Calegari and Carlo Porciani. His first comics work was the series 'I Tre Bill' written by Roy d'Ami, for Bonelli. In 1956 and 1957, he did western stories for the magazines Cucciolo and Tiramolla.
In 1962, he went to work for La Corno, where he drew 'Atomik', as well as covers for 'Maschera Nera' and 'Gordon'. He also began a longtime collaboration with the publishing house RG, where he illustrated 'Goldrake il Playboy'. During the 1970s, he worked on Lanciostory ('Alamo Kid'), L'Intrepido, Corrier Boy ('Le Streghe') and Full ('Sharon Shade').
In 1979, he began working for Daim Press, the future Bonelli Editore, illustrating several episodes of 'Il Piccolo Ranger' and 'Dylan Dog'.

足立いまる (b. ????)

????? November 26
Imaru Adachi (足立いまる) is the artist on the manga adaptation of the light novel series Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshi Kōsei o Hirou (ひげを剃る。そして女子高生を拾う。/ Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway).

Bill Harris (b. 1933)

1933 November 25 - 2018 January 8
Writer and editor.

Western (Gold Key) editor around 1962-1966.
Responsible for such titles as Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, Doctor Solar, Popeye the Sailor, Bullwinkle, and The Phantom.
King (Features Syndicate) comic book editor 1966-1967. Editor and promoter of the entire line.

At both Gold Key and King he was The Phantom writer.

Honoré (b. 1941)

1941 November 25 - 2015 January 7
He was assassinated during the terrorist attack in Paris at the offices of the french satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo".

Gregery Miller (b. 1985)

1985 November 25
Gregery Miller received his BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2009. As a freelance illustrator, he has worked for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Hitpoint Games, Disney, Microsoft, Radiodiaries Podcast, Transistor Studios and Titmouse Animation Studio.

John Alvin (b. 1948)

1948 November 24 - 2008 February 6
Artist that created painted movie posters.

倉田三ノ路 (b. ????)

????? November 24
Minoji Kurata (倉田三ノ路) is a manga artist. Works include the manga adaptation Assassin's Creed China (アサシン クリード チャイナ / Assassin’s Creed: Blade of Shao Jun) as well as Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Mao Mao no Kōkyū Nazotoki Techō (薬屋のひとりごと~猫猫の後宮謎解き手帳~) and Tenkyuu wa Haruka - Keigetsu Den (天穹は遥か-景月伝-).

橘賢一 (b. 1977)

1977 November 24
Kenichi Tachibana (橘賢一) is artist and co-creator of the Terra Formars (テラフォーマーズ) manga series. He is also creator of the three-volume series Lucky 7 Star (ラッキーセブンスター).

黄井ぴかち (b. ????)

????? November 24
Pikachi Ohi (黄井ぴかち) is a manga artist and illustrator known for the series Demi Life! (デミライフ!) and Hayama Sensei to Terano Sensei ha Tsukiatteiru (羽山先生と寺野先生は付き合っている / Our Teachers are Dating!).

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