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Support for migrating text credits to creator links!

We deployed new functionalities for creator credits and features. There is now support for migrating existing text entries to matching creator records (or feature records). The way we record signatures also changed after we gained experience with creator records. Signatures are now separate database objects.

On the display side, we added lists of creators who worked on a series or feature, as well as an issue list for features. For both of course more of our data needs to be migrated from text entries to linked records. If you ever wondered to help with the content of the database, now is a good time.

Uploading Milestone!

Cover Image

We reached 950,000 cover scans !

We reached 950,000 comic covers. The milestone issue was Wild Western #3 a British reprint of Wild Western (Marvel, 1948 series) #47 (January 1956).

Volunteers Wanted For Adding New Comics

Each week, a small number of GCD volunteers add listings to our database for the new comics released that week in North America. These are just the basic listings, not full indexes. This makes it easier for other volunteers who upload covers and for indexers, as well as for people using

Each volunteer covers one publisher or a small group of publishers ("D publishers except DC", for example). From public sources such as ComicsList and Diamond Previews online, they add the issues and make note of the prices and a few other details. We are looking for additional volunteers for this weekly task.

Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Matt Banning (b. 1972)

1972 June 13
Co-creator of Ascension.
Long run as an inker for Top Cow.

Nick Downes (b. 1952)

1952 June 13
Nick Downes' work has appeared in The New Yorker, Playboy, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal and many magazines in the United Kingdom. His science related cartoons have graced the pages of many textbooks, and he has a line of greeting cards published by NobleWorks, Inc. He has been a regular contributor to the Oldie magazine since it was founded in 1992.

Ragne Næss (b. 1962)

1962 June 13
Born in Canada to a Danish mother and Norwegian father. Moved to Norway at age 8.

Emma Vieceli (b. 1979)

1979 June 13
Emma Vieceli is known as an artist for Olivia Twist (Dark Horse), Alex Rider (Walker books), The Adventures of Supergirl (DC comics), Doctor Who (Titan comics), Jem & the Holograms (IDW), Vampire Academy graphic novel series (PenguinRandomHouse), Back to the Future (IDW) and Avalon Chronicles (Oni Press).
She co-created the independent web series, BREAKS with Malin Ryden (collected editions published through SoaringPenguin). She worked on the A&E television series, Bates Motel, providing the sketchbook found by Norman Bates.

小山健 (b. 1984)

1984 June 13
Ken Koyama (小山健) is a manga artist and illustrator. Known for the series Little Miss P (生理ちゃん / Seiri-chan).

根田啓史 (b. 1983)

1983 June 13
Hirofumi Neda (根田啓史) is a manga artist known for his work on the spinoff series Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! / 僕のヒーローアカデミア すまっしゅ!! / My Hero Academia: Smash!!.

James Burns (b. 1959)

1959 June 12
James Burns' early career was as a graphic designer for television, where he created 3D animations for clients such as CNN, TBS and various television stations. In 2002, he was diagnosed with a detached retina, which threatened his eyesight. At age 45, after recovering, he wrote and drew his first comic book, 'Detached' about the experience. He currently releases his comic books as print-on-demand books through IndyPlanet under the brand Demon Press.

Peter Cardy (b. 1955)

1955 June 12 - 2001 month? day?
Nick Cardy, Peter's father, wrote that he had an exceptionally high I.Q. and a flair for drawing. Nick employed him inking backgrounds on some of his stories for Teen Titans (DC, 1966 series).

Veronica Fish (b. 1985)

1985 June 12
Veronica Fish is an American comic book artist and painter best known for her work with Marvel Comics and Archie Comics.

Fish teaches at the Worcester Art Museum and designed the Museum's mascot "Helmutt the Dog."

Her paintings have been exhibited in Los Angeles, Boston, New York and London.

In 2015 Fish took over regular artist duties on the rebooted Archie comic book series. She also created the initial concept art for The CW TV show Riverdale, based on the Archie comics.

In 2016 Fish was announced as the artist on Boom! Studios roller skating comic SLAM.

Radek Karkovský (b. 1994)

1994 June 12
Radek Karkovský is a writer of screenplays, comics, short stories & poetry. He is also a lecturer in creative writing and Belgian comics and cinema.

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