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Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Edmond Baudoin (born 23 April 1942, France) became a comics creator in his 30s, after working as an accountant. From the mid-1970s, he published stories in “Pilote”, “L’Écho des Savanes”, and other magazines.

His first album was “Les Centiers Cimentés” (Futuropolis, 1981). In addition to his personal work, he has collaborated with writers such as Frank Pé (“Le Théâtre d’Ombres”) and Cécile Wagner (“Les Yeux dans le Mur”).

His distinct style of stark black-and-white images with little text is suggestive, not explicit. In the early 1990s, he moved to independent publisher L’Association, whose younger artists regard him as an ‘elder statesman’ of the art.

Baudoin has received awards at Angoulême for Best French Comic (1992) and for Best Scenario (1997 and 2001). From 1999 to 2003, he was an art professor at the University of Quebec.

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(Baudoin created the cover art on “De ogen in de muur”, May 2003)

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Bryan Hitch (born 22 April 1970, UK) is a comics creator who began his career in the late 1980s.

He published at Marvel UK from 1987 and he soon became the artist on “The Sensational She-Hulk” (Marvel, 1989–1991).

His presence in the USA market quickly included DC Comics, Malibu, and Valiant and grew to include Image and Dark Horse, as well.

He is noted for “Stormwatch” (Image/WildStorm, 1997–1998), “JLA” (DC, 2000–2001), and “Fantastic Four” (Marvel, 2008–2010), among other work.

He and Warren Ellis created “The Authority” (Image/WildStorm,1999+). He and Mark Millar created “The Ultimates” (Marvel, 2002+).

He recently wrote “Justice League” (DC, 2016–2017) and is currently a cover artist on “Wonder Woman” (DC, 2017+).

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(Hitch created the cover of “Wonder Woman” #42, Early May 2018)

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‘Teri S. Wood’ was the name of fantasy and science-fiction artist and writer Resa Challender (born 21 April 1965, USA) until 2008. Her best-known comics work is the “Wandering Star” saga.

In the 1980s, she began publishing in fanzines and small presses and showing at conventions. From 1988, her strip ‘The Cartoonist’ ran in the magazine “Amazing Heroes”.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, she drew most of Dwight Decker’s “Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur” (MU Press, 1990–1991, 2003–2004) and self-published “Wandering Star” (1993–1997). She created the fantasy feature ‘Darklight’ in “Mythography” (Bardic Press, 1997) and in its own mini-series (Sirius, 2000).

Living in Forks, Washington, Challender’s current project is the webcomic ‘Yet Untitled’ about life in the real-world setting of the “Twilight” television series.

Dover published a hard-cover, single-volume edition of “Wandering Star” in 2016.

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(Wood created the cover of “The Cartoonist”, November 1977)

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Christopher Nielsen (born 20 April 1963, Norway) is a well-known underground comix creator.

He began creating comics in the 1980s and soon published at Semic. From 1990, he published in “Fidus” (No Comprende Press).

Nielsen’s best-known work is “To Trøtte Typer” (“Two Wasted Wankers”). It was adapted to an award-winning television cartoon.

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(Nielsen created the cover of “Weltschmerz” #9, May 2010)

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Luciana Giussani (19 April 1928 – 31 March 2001, Italy) was a comics writer and publisher.

In 1962, her sister Angela Giussani (10 June 1922 – 12 February 1987) founded the publishing house Astorina, whose first title was Angela’s own creation, “Diabolik”.

Luciana joined the company the following year, also writing for “Diabolik”. She stayed until her retirement in 1999, having taken over as publisher on Angela’s death in 1987.

“Diabolik” was the first Italian comic in pocket-book format. The character is a master thief, created as an anti-hero but over time becoming more inclined to steal from and to thwart only other criminals.

He became very popular and the comic is still published. He has appeared in a movie and on the radio, as a TV series and as an animated TV series, and in a video game.

At Wikipedia —
“Diabolik” in the GCD —

Do you collect “Diabolik”? The entire series needs to be indexed in the GCD. If you are interested in contributing, go to the Grand Comics Database website ( and click “How To Help” on the left side of the page.

(The cover artist and date of “Diabolik” v40#3 are uncertain)

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Carl Burgos (18 April 1917 – 1 March 1984, USA) was a comics creator in the early USA industry, beginning his career at the Chesler shop in 1938. He produced work for Centaur Publications, creating ‘Iron Skull’ in “Amazing-Man Comics”, among other work.

In 1939 he moved to a new studio, Funnies, Inc., joining Bill Everett there. They created ‘The Human Torch’ and ‘Sub-Mariner’, respectively, for publisher Martin Goodman’s also-new Timely Comics.

Burgos wrote and drew ‘The Human Torch’ in “Marvel Mystery Comics”, “The Human Torch”, and “All-Winners Comics” through 1942, as well as other stories for Timely.

During this time, he also created ‘The White Streak’ in “Target Comics” (Novelty, 1940–1941).

Burgos joined the US Air Force in 1942 and served in World War II. After the war, he worked primarily in advertising, with occasional freelance work in comics.

In the 1950s, he published with Goodman again, whose company was now called Atlas Comics. In particular, he drew ‘Human Torch’ stories and covers in the brief Atomic Age super-hero revival, in “Young Men” and “Human Torch” (1953–1954).

He did little comics work in the 1960s, although he did draw one Johnny Storm ‘Human Torch’ story in “Strange Tales” for the publisher now called Marvel Comics.

He also created “Captain Marvel” in 1966 for MF Enterprises, his last comics art.

During the 1970s, he edited the line of black-and-white horror magazines from Eerie Publications.

Burgos was inducted into the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1996.

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(Burgos created the cover of “Journey into Unknown Worlds” #34, April 1955)

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Ben Dunn (born 17 April 1964, USA) is a comics creator who spent his early years in Taiwan, where he read Japanese manga.

In 1984 he founded Antarctic Press, a publisher of original comics in manga style. His own significant works there include “Ninja High School” (1987–2010?) and “Warrior Nun Areala” (1994–2001). In 2003, he sold Antarctic to start the development company Sentai Studios.

He was one of the primary artists on the Marvel Mangaverse project (2000–2002). He also worked as an animator on the science-fiction film “A Scanner Darkly” (2006).

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(Dunn created the cover of “Warrior Nun Areala” #1, December 1994)

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R.I.P. F'murr

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David Aja (born 16 April 1977, Spain) is a comics creator whose career began in 2000.

He is an illustrator and designer with cartoons in “El Pais”, covers in “Planeto”, book illustrations, and CD covers.

He is on the Faculty of Fine Arts at both Universidad de Salamanca and Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

About 2005, he began publishing in the USA market, primarily with Marvel. He has notably drawn “The Immortal Iron Fist” (2007–2008) and “Hawkeye”(2012–2014) there, as well as covers for “Scarlet Witch” (2016–2017) and the limited series “Red Skull” (2011) and “Karnak” (2015–2017).
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(Aja created the cover of “Scarlet Witch” #1, February 2016)

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