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Two Indexing Milestones!

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We reached 325,000 indexed issues and 2.5 million stories !

With a recent issue of the British serial Commando #5192 we reached a new milestone for indexed issues. And on the same day, we reached 2.5 million indexed stories (or sequences) with the issue Spider Gwen: Ghost Spider #4 from Marvel.

Volunteers Wanted For Adding New Comics

Each week, a small number of GCD volunteers add listings to our database for the new comics released that week in North America. These are just the basic listings, not full indexes. This makes it easier for other volunteers who upload covers and for indexers, as well as for people using

Each volunteer covers one publisher or a small group of publishers (“D publishers except DC”, for example). From public sources such as ComicsList and Diamond Previews online, they add the issues and make note of the prices and a few other details. We are looking for additional volunteers for this weekly task.

Follow this link for a description of the process and a list of which publishers are currently covered.

GCD Comics Timeline

Steve Englehart (born 22 April 1947, USA) is a novelist and comic book writer.

He was a prominent writer at Marvel and DC Comics in the1970s and 1980s, although he actually began as an artist (including being part of the Crusty Bunkers).
Englehart received the Favorite Writer Eagle Award in 1978and an Inkpot Award at San Diego in 1979.

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Cover from Capitaine America #14

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Larry Mahlstedt (born 22 April 1956, USA) is a comics creator who was active from the 1980s to the 2000s.

He worked primarily as an inker at DC Comics and Marvel, along with occasional work at Comico, Acclaim, Topps, and other publishers.

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Cover from The Best of DC #20

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Bryan Hitch (born 22 April 1970, UK) is a comics creator who began his career in the late 1980s.

He published at Marvel UK from 1987 and he soon became the artist on “The Sensational She-Hulk” (Marvel, 1989–1991).
His presence in the USA market quickly included DC Comics, Malibu, and Valiant and grew to include Image and Dark Horse, as well.

He is noted for “Stormwatch” (Image/WildStorm, 1997–1998), “JLA” (DC, 2000–2001), and “Fantastic Four” (Marvel, 2008–2010), among other work.

He and Warren Ellis created “The Authority” (Image/WildStorm,1999+). He and Mark Millar created “The Ultimates” (Marvel, 2002+).

He recently wrote “Justice League” (DC, 2016–2017) and is currently a cover artist on “Wonder Woman” (DC, 2017+).

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Cover from Action Force #35

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Tim Hamilton (born 21 April 1966, USA) is a cartoonist, writer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, New York. He has drawn numerous comics, including The Trouble with Girls and Welcome Back, Mr. Moto. He also adapted and illustrated Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island for Puffin Graphics and filling in pencilling Nikolai Dante for 2000 AD. His adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 was published in 2009.

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Cover from Wonder Man #20

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‘Teri S. Wood’ was the name of fantasy and science-fiction artist and writer Resa Challender (born 21 April 1965, USA) until 2008.

In the 1980s, she began publishing in fanzines and small presses and showing at conventions. From 1988, her strip ‘The Cartoonist’ ran in the magazine “Amazing Heroes”.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, she drew most of Dwight Decker’s “Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur” (MU Press, 1990–1991, 2003–2004) and self-published “Wandering Star” (1993–1997). She created the fantasy feature ‘Darklight’ in “Mythography” (Bardic Press, 1997) and in its own mini-series (Sirius, 2000).

Living in Forks, Washington, Challender’s current project is the webcomic ‘Yet Untitled’ about life in the real-world setting of the “Twilight” television series.

Dover published a hard-cover, single-volume edition of “Wandering Star” in 2016.

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Cover from Wandering Star #11

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José-Luis Munuera (born 21 April 1972, Spain) is a comics creator whose career began in 1995 at Lunáticos. His later work has been with French publishers such as Delcourt and Dupuis.

He collaborated for the first time with writer Jean-David Morvan in 1999, creating a feature in “Langeust Mag” (Soleil). Morvan also wrote for ‘Merlin’ (Delcourt, 2002 and 2003), which Munuera had created with Joann Sfar (1999–2001).

Munuera and Morvan created the children’s feature “Nävis” (Delcourt, 2003–2009). During this time, they also produced the ‘Spirou et Fantasio’ feature (Dupuis, 2004–2006).

At Dargaud he created the dramatic feature ‘Le Signe de la Lune’ (2009) and the funny-animal feature ‘Walter le Loup’ (2010).

From 2014, he has created the pirate feature ‘Les Campbell’ (Dupuis).

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Cover from Comix #9/2013

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John Ostrander (born 20 April 1949, USA) is a comics writer whose career began in the 1980s.
At First Comics, he wrote a back-up series in “Warp” (1983) and took over “Starslayer” (1983–1985).
He and Timothy Truman created ‘Grimjack’ as a back-up feature in “Starslayer” that was quickly followed by his own series (1984–1991)
For DC Comics, he plotted the limited series “Legends” (1986). He guided “Firestorm” through changes growing out of that event (1987–1990). And he and Luke McConnell launched a new “Suicide Squad” series (1987–1992).
He and fellow comics writer Kim Yale (22 November 1953 – 7 March 1997) were married in 1987 and frequently collaborated during the following decade.
Their work included “New America” (Eclipse, 1987), “Manhunter”(DC, 1988–1990), and “Deadshot” (DC, 1988), as well as “Grimjack” and “Suicide Squad”.
They introduced the ‘Oracle’ persona for Barbara Gordon, beginning in “Suicide Squad” #23 (January 1989).
In his prolific career, he has written many other comics at DC and published as well at Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant, and others.
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Cover to Hawkworld Annual #1 (1990).

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Evan Dorkin (born 20 April 1965, USA) is a comics creator and a writer for animation and anime.

He created “Milk and Cheese” (1991) and “Dork” (1993) at Slave Labor Graphics. He has written for ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ and other shows.

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Cover to Dork #4 (1997).

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Dale Berry (born 20 April 1960, USA) is a comics creator, commercial artist, and designer.
He created the series “Ninja Funnies” (Eternity, 1987) and “Tales of the Moonlight Cutter” (Myriad Publications, 2002+).
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Cover to Ninja Funnies #1 (1987).

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Christopher Nielsen (born 20 April 1963, Norway) is a well-known underground comix creator.

He began creating comics in the 1980s and soon published at Semic. From 1990, he published in “Fidus” (No Comprende Press).

Nielsen’s best-known work is “To Trøtte Typer” (“Two Wasted Wankers”). It was adapted to an award-winning television cartoon.

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Cover to Jazzbasillen (1990).

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