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GCD Comics Timeline

John van Elk (b. 1921)

1921 February 21 - 1945 March 7
John and his brother Piet were active during the Second World War in their chosen profession, animation. They produced a two minute animated short featuring their creation 'Bim'. John wrote the script and dialogue, with Piet handling the animation. Failing to get funding for a longer film during the harsh war years, they turned to cartooning, creating newspaper strips starring Bim and later Ridder Rudolf. Sometime during the War, John was imprisoned by the German occupier and sent to several concentration camps. He was pronounced dead on arrival in Neuengamme after a transport from (presumably one of the concentration camps near the city of) Porta Westfalica.

Danny Garrett (b. 1945)

1945 February 21
Poster artist, painter and illustrator best known for his posters depicting the Austin, Texas music scene for venues like Armadillo World Headquarters and Antone's nightclub. Among the musicians he promoted in his decades long career are Albert Collins, Albert King, B. B. King, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, James Cotton, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Willie Nelson and many many more.

Barry Kaplan (b. ????)

????? February 21
Barry Kaplan is known to have done support work for Marvel as a comptroller from 1978 to 1983, senior vice-president, finance and administration by 1986, and by 1993, Kaplan was an executive vice president. Kaplan was also recorded by Bails' Who's Who as having done support work in production during 1988.

John Lewis (b. 1940)

1940 February 21 - 2020 July 17
John Lewis was an American Civil Rights leader who became first known while participating in the Nashville student cafeteria sit-ins in 1960 in an effort to desegregate department store lunch counters; he was a rider on the 1961 Freedom Rides; Lewis spoke at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on August 28, 1963; and he was the Chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from 1963 to 1966.

Lewis suffered a skull fracture as a marcher trying to march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on March 7, 1965 (known as Bloody Sunday); he was a member of the Atlanta, Georgia City Council from 1981 to 1986; and Lewis was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1987 to his death in 2020.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barrack Obama in 2010.

John Lewis wrote (aided by co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell) about his life and the Civil Rights Movement in the comic book triology March (Top Shelf, 2013 series) which was published from 2013 to 2016.

André Oulié (b. 1898)

1898 February 21 - 1996 March 29
André Oulié began his career around 1945, drawing for the Collection Ciné-Images at Editions Sagedi. He was the first Frenchman to draw Zorro, which he did between 1947 and 1967. He was also the creator of Robin l'intrépide.

Valentin Sécher (b. 1988)

1988 February 21
Né en 1988 à Beaupréau, Valentin Sécher s’intéresse très vite au dessin, influencé par son père qui travaille dans la publicité et la décoration. Après avoir eu son Bac en 2006, il intègre l’école d’art Pivaut de Nantes. Il y découvrira des artistes qui changeront sa vision de l’illustration et de la BD tel qu’Alex Ross, Norman Rockwell, Drew Struzan, Travis Charest, ou encore Mathieu Lauffray. En 2009, lors de son examen de fin d’étude, il rencontre Louis et Thimothée Montaigne, tous deux membre du jury. C’est après les avoir soudoyés qu’il empoche son diplôme et que Jean-Luc Istin lui propose de créer un Space-Opéra avec Louis au scénario : Khaal, Chroniques d'un empereur galactique.

サブロウタ (b. ????)

????? February 21
Saburouta (サブロウタ) is the creator of the Citrus and Citrus+ manga series. The artist also drew the manga adaptations of the Unlimited Fafnir (銃皇無尽のファフニール / Jūō Mujin no Fafunīru) light novel series and the video game spinoff AKB0048 Heart-Shaped Operation (AKB0048ハート型オペレーション).

潮見知佳 (b. ????)

????? February 21
Chika Shiomi (潮見知佳) is a manga artist and creator of works like Yurara (ゆららの月 / Yurara no Tsuki), Rasetsu (らせつの花 / Rasetsu no Hana), Canon (カノン), Night of the Beasts (獣たちの夜 / Kemono-tachi no Yoru), Key Jack, B-Eyes and Queen of Ragtonia (ラグトニア / Ragtonia).

藤孝剛志 (b. ????)

????? February 21
Tsuyoshi Fujitaka (藤孝剛志) is a light novelist known for the series Sokushi Cheat ga Saikyou Sugite, Isekai no Yatsura ga Marude Aite ni Naranai n Desu ga (即死チートが最強すぎて、異世界のやつらがまるで相手にならないんですが。-ΑΩ-) which has been adapted into manga.

André van Duin (b. 1947)

1947 February 20
Known best as probably Holland's most succesful comedian since the Second World War, van Duin also (co-)wrote several comic books and allowed his image to be used as a comic book character.

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