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GCD Comics Timeline

Vincent Argondezzi (b. 1920)

1920 December 5 - 2007 February 28
Vincent did text pieces for George A. Pflaum's Treasure Chest (1946 series) in 1966.

Walt Disney (b. 1901)

1901 December 5 - 1966 December 15
Walter Elias Disney was a pioneering American animator, voice actor, and businessman. Disney grew up in the Chicago area where he studied art. He began a career as a commercial illustrator at 18, and in his early 20s moved to California with his brother Roy, where he established an animation studio, the Disney Brothers Studio. With Ub Iwerks, he developed the character of Mickey Mouse, whom he initially voiced as well. The success of the Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony shorts led to continued growth of the studio, which over time expanded into feature films and theme parks.

Disney was also a highly skilled business person. A large part of the Disney empire was built from successfully merchandising the Disney characters, in toys, books, comics, and more. With Iwerks, Disney began a daily Mickey Mouse comic strip for King Features (though the strip was quickly passed off to Floyd Gottfredson). This was followed by Silly Symphony and Donald Duck strips. Disney characters were also licensed for comic books; Dell & Western produced DIsney comics in the US from the 1930s through the 1970s; after which other publishers took up the license. New material was also produced in foreign markets, appearing in Italian, Spanish, British, French, Scandinavian, Dutch, and Latin American publications, and reprinted world wide.

Disney himself was not directly involved with any of the comics following the initial development of the Mickey strip in the '30s; he was mainly concerned with overseeing his continually expanding empire. He was directly involved with most of the feature films produced by his studio during his lifetime; with the development of the studio's television programs in the '50s; and with the development of his theme parks, Disneyland and Disneyworld. He died of cancer in December 1966 before Disneyworld had been completed.

Eduardo Pansica (b. ????)

????? December 5
Eduardo graduated in Filmmaking and Animation from the Federal University of Minas Gerais’ School of Fine Arts, Brazil. He started working in the comics industry in 2003. From 2013 to 2015, he drew Batwing for DC. Currently, he is the regular penciller for Green Lanterns.

Emidio Angelo (b. 1903)

1903 December 4 - 1990 September 2
Emidio Angelo studied art from 1924 to 1928 at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Angelo joined The Philadelphia Inquirer as a political cartoonist in 1937 and worked there until 1954. He also drew cartoons for the Saturday Evening Post, Life and Esquire. Angelo drew a strip for the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled ‘Emily and Mabel’, which also ran in more than 130 other newspapers during the early 1950s.

James Hammon (b. 1888)

1888 December 4 - 1944 August 29
James Hammon was a cartoonist, illustrator, and comic book artist. He worked for The Evening Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), from 1910 until the newspaper folded in 1914. Hammon then moved onto The Ledger Syndicate in 1917 as a feature magazine illustrator and gag cartoonist with his work appearing in Collier's Magazine and Judge magazine known. James Hammon also worked for the Gibson Studio (doing work for Street and Smith), from circa 1943 to 1944, and King Features Syndicate (for the Masterpieces of Great Literature comic strip) in 1927.

Based on time periods of known work, it is likely Hammon worked also for the Philadelphia Press, from about 1908 to about 1910 and the Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), from about 1914 to about 1917. The Gibson Studio hired a number of former employees of the Evening Public Ledger (which folded in 1942) and the Ledger Syndicate (which continued to about 1950), of which Hammon was one.

There are several comic strips signed by "Hammon" coming out of Philadelphia newspapers that are most likely by James Hammon. These include:
Algy daily (syndicate unknown) 1911-12-04 - 1913-07-03 [Writer, pencils, and inks. Allan Holtz speculates it was the Philadelphia Inquirer, but James was working with the The Evening Times [Philadelphia] during this time, so it is probably them.];
Masterpieces of Great Literature daily (King Features Syndicate) 1927-05-XX - 1927-07-XX [Pencil and inks, on one week's worth of The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, two weeks on The Count of Monte Cristo, and one week of The Three Musketeers. The strip was designed to be ran whenever and however the newspaper wished to run it and continued appearing in newspapers through 1928. It appeared in most newspapers from May to July 1927.];
[Philadelphia Press Local Comic Strip] daily (Philadelphia Press) 1908-09-30, 1908-10-22, 1908-10-28, 1908-12-16 [Writer, pencils, and inks. An untitled comic strip with rotating creators about the local going-ons in Philadelphia.];
War on Crime daily (Ledger Syndicate) 1936-05-18 - 1936-06-13 [Pencil and inks.].

Hammon's comic book work was through the Gibson Studio and for Street and Smith, working on the features Blackstone, from 1943 and continuing posthumously until 1946; Elliman, Ace of Magic, appeared posthumously in 1946 and 1948; Magic Tricks also appeared posthumously in 1946 and 1948; and The Shadow, from 1943 continuing posthumously until 1945.

Gutemberg Monteiro (b. 1916)

1916 December 4 - 2012 December 10
Gutemberg Monteiro was a Brazilian illustrator, known in the United States as Goott. He was mainly active from the 1940s through the 1980s. Monteiro was born in Faria Lemos, Minas Gerais, and began his career in 1943, drawing for the comic book published by Rio Gráfica e Editora (RGE). There, he drew covers for Fantasma, Mandrake, X-9 and Ferdinando (Li'l Abner). He also worked on Brazilian stories with The Phantom.

In the 1960s, Monteiro was invited to work in the USA. He contributed to the Warren magazines Eerie and Creepy, and then illustrated many "Tom & Jerry" Sunday pages under the penname Goott, as well as "Casper the Friendly Ghost" and "Hot Stuff the Little Devil".

Burt Thomas (b. 1881)

1881 December 4 - 1964 July 3
Thomas graduated from high school in Cleveland in 1899. He then attended the Cleveland Art School from 1899 to 1902 and the Detroit Art School, from 1903 to 1905.

Thomas worked as a newspaper artist for the Cleveland Press (Cleveland, Ohio), from 1900 to 1902. He then worked doing advertising illustrations for unknown products for an unknown agency, from 1902 to 1904. In 1904, Thomas joined the Detroit News (Detroit, Michigan) as a cartoonist. Per Lambiek, he started doing political cartoons in 1912 for the Detroit News, continuing there until 1951.

For an unknown time period, Thomas' political cartoonists were syndicated through the North American Newspaper Alliance. He also worked in an unknown capacity for the Bell Syndicate and the Thompson Feature Service. His cartoon work appeared in Judge (Judge, 1881 series) and Life (Life Publishing Company, 1883 Series) magazines.

Thomas did the daily comic strip, Our Neighbors (Herbert Pointing syndicating), from February 5 to August 17, 1915. He later worked the Sunday only comic strip, Mister Straphanger, possibly the only comic strip syndicated by the Detroit News (and by 1923, by the News' corporate owner name, Evening News Association). Mister Straphanger ran from February 26, 1922 until sometime in 1933.

Locally in Detroit, Thomas is most famous for his December 10, 1914 cartoon "The Boy He Used to Be" depicting a well-to-do man, arms full with gifts, holding the hands with his newspaper selling childhood self. The cartoon so moved James J. Brady (director of Internal Revenue in Detroit), that he organized members of the local press and the local Detroit Newsboys' Association to create the charitable foundation, the Old Newsboys Goodfellow Fund of Detroit. The fund's goal being, "No kiddie without a Christmas."

呉由姫 (b. ????)

????? December 4
Yuki Kure (呉由姫) is a manga artist, illustrator and character designer. Best known for doing the manga adaptation of the Kin'iro no Koruda (金色のコルダ / La Corda d'Oro) RPG series.

Leonard Dworkins (b. 1921)

1921 December 3 - 2000 September 7
Work in comic strip syndication:
Used the name Leon Gordon in syndication work.

Assistant to Rick Yeager on Buck Rogers comic strip.
Assistant to William Juhre on Draftie comic strip.
Assistant to Pat Sammon on Wade Cabot comic strip.

Skyroads daily (John F. Dille Company) 1939-circa 1942 (pencils and inks).
Speed Spaulding daily (John F. Dille Company) circa 1940-crica 1941 (assistant pencils and inks).
Draftie daily (John F. Dille Company) circa 1941-circa 1942 (assistant pencils and inks).
Buck Rogers daily (John F. Dille Company) 1949-1951 (pencils, inks, and letters).
Buck Rogers Sunday (John F. Dille Company) 1949-1958 (assistant pencils and inks).
Wade Cabot daily and Sunday ? (John F. Dille Company) circa 1953-circa 1954 (assistant pencils and inks).

Germano Ferri (b. 1936)

1936 December 3
Germano graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma in the early 60's. From 1962 to 1973 he worked for Fratelli Spada on L'Uomo Mascherato (the Phantom). In 1990, he returned to the Phantom, working collaboratively with Romano Ferlang.

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