The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards

2019 Best Webcomic: Awarded to "The Nib" (
2019 Favorite Hero: Awarded to “Toaster Dude“ (
2019 Favorite New Series: Awarded to “Luff“ (
2019 Favorite Publisher: Awarded to Dynamite Entertainment.
Name Recipient Year Awarded
Best Artist or Penciller Fiona Staples 2017
Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist) Aidyn Anh Huynh 2017
Best Colorist Laura Martin 2017
Best Cover Artist Frank Cho 2017
Best Inker Sean Murphy 2017
Best Letterer Todd Klein 2017
Best Series Vision (2016 series) 2017
Best Writer Tom King 2017
Favorite New Series Spectrum (2016 series) 2017
Favorite New Talent InstantMiso 2017
Best Artist or Penciller Lee Weeks 2018
Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist) Joëlle Jones 2018
Best Colorist Dave Stewart 2018
Best Cover Artist Michael Cho 2018
Best Inker Mark Morales 2018
Best Letterer Todd Klein 2018
Best Writer Tom King 2018
Favorite New Talent Quimchee 2018
Best Anthology Where We Live, A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas (2018 series) 2019
Best Artist or Penciller Sean Phillips 2019
Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist) Terry Moore 2019
Best Colorist Tamra Bonvillain 2019
Best Comic Strip or Panel Olivia Jaimes 2019
Best Cover Artist Fiona Staples 2019
Best Humor Comic Mad (2018 series) 2019
Best Inker Fiona Staples 2019
Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel Punk Taco (2018 series) #1 2019
Best Letterer Todd Klein 2019
Best Non-fiction Comic Work Where We Live, A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas (2018 series) 2019
Best Original Graphic Novel My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies (2018 series) 2019
Best Presentation in Design Absolute Sandman Overture (2018 series) 2019
Best Series Black Hammer: Age of Doom (2018 series) 2019
Best Series Immortal Hulk (2018 series) 2019
Best Single Issue or Story Swamp Thing Winter Special (2018 series) #1 2019
Best Writer Brian K. Vaughan 2019
Favorite New Talent Enjelicious 2019
Favorite Villain Aberrant (2018 series) 2019
Mike Wieringo Spirit Award Isola (2018 series) 2019