The Stripvos ("Comic Book Fox") is a prize awarded by the Vlaamse Onafhankelijke Stripgilde ("Flemish Independent Comic Book Guild") to persons or institutions who have been of outstanding use to the Flemish comic community.

From 2002 to 2013 it was awarded annually to one, two or up to three winners.
Name Recipient Year Awarded
Stripcarrière Marc Sleen (b. 1922) 2002
Verdienstelijk persoon Patrick Van Gompel (b. 1957) 2003
Stripcarrière Jef Nys (b. 1927) 2004
Stripcarrière Paul Geerts (b. 1937) 2006
[no name] Berlijn (2007 series) #3 - Twee koningskinderen 2008
Stripcarrière Jeff Broeckx (b. 1943) 2008
Stripcarrière Jan Smet (b. 1945) 2009
Stripcarrière Merho (b. 1948) 2010
Verdienstelijke persoon Peter Bonte 2010
Stripcarrière Simon Spruyt (b. 1978) 2011
Verdienstelijke persoon Kurt Morissens 2012