[penguin in an oval] (Brand Emblem)

Number of Issues:

Brand emblem belongs to the brand group:

Brand Group Publisher Issues Year Began Year Ended Notes
Penguin Penguin 12

Brand emblem is in use at the following publishers:

Publisher Year Began Year Ended Notes
Issue Publication Date Indicia Publisher
The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography (2010 series) 2010 Penguin Books
Che Guevara: A Manga Biography (2010 series) 2010 The Penguin Group
Hercules Amongst the North Americans (1986 series) 1986 ?
Larceny In My Blood (2012 series) August 2012 The Penguin Group
The Penguin Funny Pages (2012 series) #[nn] 2012 [none printed]
Raw (1989 series) #1 - Open Wounds from the Cutting Edge of Commix [July] 1989 ?
Raw (1989 series) #2 - Required Reading for the Post-Literate [May] 1990 The Penguin Group
Raw (1989 series) #3 - High Culture for Lowbrows [June] 1991 The Penguin Group
The Rime of the Modern Mariner (2011 series) 2011 Viking
Skin Deep (1992 series) 1992 Penguin Books
Twisted Sisters: A Collection of Bad Girl Art (1991 series) #[nn] 1991 ?