1942 - 1942
Number of Issues:
This variation on the more well-known large Timely Comics Inc. shield has a white background for the top third, and three solid panels (red, white and blue left to right) in the bottom third. Instead of a rectangle with "Inc.", the wider white panel in the middle contains text exhorting readers to buy U.S. defense bonds and stamps. Like the other large shield Timely logos, this one appeared exactly once on an outside cover during the 40's. No other interior usages are known, but they may exist.

Brand emblem belongs to the brand group:

Brand Group Publisher Issues Year Began Year Ended Notes
Timely Comics Marvel 22 1942 1942

Brand emblem is in use at the following publishers:

Publisher Year Began Year Ended Notes
Marvel 1942 1942
Issue Publication Date Indicia Publisher
Sub-Mariner Comics (1941 series) #5 Spring 1942 Timely Comics, Inc.