Harry "A" Chesler Jr. Features Syndicate, N.Y. (Brand Emblem)

1942 ? - 1945
Number of Issues:
Appeared in small text on a few issues published during World War II that did not have the "World's Greatest Comics" logo on them in any form. Note that unlike the pre-war comics, this form includes "Jr." in the name.

The dates of several comics published with this text are unknown, making the start date somewhat suspect. In particular, 1944 might be the correct starting year (see Dynamic Comics #8 for details).
Brand Emblem:

Brand emblem belongs to the brand group:

Brand Group Publisher Issues Year Began Year Ended Notes
Chesler Chesler / Dynamic 55 1937 1946 Throughout his comics publishing career, Chesler incorporated his name into his branding in various ways. Sometimes it was the primary branding, other times it was involved in his syndicate's name and appeared only in small print. Other times it was directly incorporated into the World's Greatest Comics branding. After the war, Chesler started using his son's name (Harry "A" Chesler, Jr.) despite his son not actually being involved in the publishing operation as best as any research has been able to determine. But the common thread is the "Chesler" name in some form. Since Chesler mixed and matched various branding elements which are by necessity lumped for the brand emblems, the brand groups track and group by the elements ("Chesler", "Dynamic", or "World's Greatest Comics").

Brand emblem is in use at the following publishers:

Publisher Year Began Year Ended Notes
Chesler / Dynamic 1942 1945
Number Publication Date On-sale Date Indicia Publisher
Captain Battle Comics (1942 series) #3 Winter 1942 Magazine Press
Dynamic Comics (1941 series) #8 [1944] Dynamic Publications
Dynamic Comics (1941 series) #9 1944 Dynamic Publications
Spotlight Comics (1944 series) #3 March 1945 Our Army Inc.

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