Witchblade Bearer


Disambiguation: Top Cow / Image

First published in: 1995

In the Top Cow Universe there are two opposing forces: The Darkness (representing chaos and darkness) and The Angelus (representing light and order). While these forces are generally at odds and trying to destroy the Bearer of the opposing force, they did manage to create an offspring: The Witchblade. The Witchblade, created to balance the parent forces, is male in nature and must (generally) bond with a female host of its choosing. Near the beginning of the formation of the earth, The Witchblade crashed to the planet like a meteor in the form of a jeweled gauntlet, and was found by prehistoric woman, Una, the first Witchblade Bearer. There have been numerous Witchblade Bearers throughout history.

First appearance of a Witchblade Bearer was in Cyblade / Shi (Image, 1995 series) #1. This appearance, however, involved a tights-and-cape-wearing superheroine, and was significantly changed once the ongoing Witchblade series came out in 1995. First appearance of a Witchblade Bearer apart from this non-canon appearance was in Witchblade (Image, 1995 series) #1.


    Witchblade Bearer

Additional Names:

  1. Selena Alice Lauren

Appearances With a Story Universe:


  1. alias of - Danielle Baptiste [Witchblade Bearer, Top Cow / Image] (p. 2006)
    Notes: Danielle gains possession of the Witchblade from Sara Pezzini.
  2. alias of - Lara Croft [Tomb Raider, Witchblade Bearer, Image / Top Cow] (p. 1997)
    Notes: Lara Croft is chosen as Witchblade Bearer when Sara Pezzini is incapacitated during a battle.
  3. alias of - Ian Nottingham [Top Cow / Image] (p. 1995)
    Notes: Ian Nottingham gains the Witchblade from Sara Pezzini during the 'Family Ties' storyline.
  4. alias of - Ivy Pezzini [Witchblade Bearer, Image / Top Cow] (p. 1998)
  5. alias of - Sara Pezzini [Witchblade Bearer, Image / Top Cow] (p. 1995)
  6. alias of - Red Sonja [Hyborean Age] (p. 1973)
    Notes: In Witchblade / Red Sonja (Top Cow, 2012 series), after the angel Ragniel had badly wounded Nissa, Red Sonja temporarily became the Witchblade Bearer. First she used its power to save Nissa and herself from an attack by giant wormlike creatures. It later aided Sonja in retrieving her lost sword. Before parting ways, Red Sonja made a deal with the Witchblade to hide the memories of her sword from Nissa, so that in the future, Sara Pezzini would learn what she needed to at the correct moment.