First published in: 1991

Nicole Symone Mitchell is the daughter of an LAPD detective who is murdered by Roman Von Drake when she is a kid. Nicole's younger sister, Jacklyn is also presumed dead. These traumatic events leave Nicole in a mental institution as she grows up, and there she is raped by the orderly. After about five years, Nicole gets out of the asylum and she sets to work, cleaning up the streets of Queen City, fighting crime as a vigilante named Razor. This work brings her to the attention of Von Drake, her father's murderer, as he is the local crime boss. It is revealed that Von Drake kidnapped Jacklyn, Nicole's sister when he killed her father, and she is still alive, living by the name Stryke. Von Drake has been raising her to be his ultimate weapon, training her in combat. Once Stryke finds out that Razor is her sister, she turns against Von Drake, but not before Razor leaves her behind, leaving her angry. She vows revenge and does manage to kill her sister, but Razor is restored to life by Stryke's daughter, Poizon, and the three of them go after Von Drake together. Now that Razor has been reborn, her blades have become a part of her body so that in order to release them to fight, she must suffer pain as they tear through her flesh.

First appearance of Razor is in Razor (London Night Studios, 1991 series) #0 Souls of Darkness. This book was originally released in 1991 at SDCC as a signed preview edition limited to 300 copies. It was re-released in 1995 as the "London Knight Edition". Due to the limited nature of this preview's original release, Razor (London Night Studios, 1991 series) #1 is often incorrectly listed as Razor's first appearance.

Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razor_(character)

Additional Names:

  1. Darque Razor
  2. Nicole Symone Mitchell