Disambiguation: Fantasio with Spirou

First published in: 1942

Fantasio is a side-character in several series, most notably Spirou (where he often receives co-billing) and Gaston Lagaffe. He has blond hair with a ray in the middle and eight rebel locks. He almost always wears a suit with a blue jacket, black pants and a red bow tie.

Fantasio is sometimes grumpy, often awkward, but he is generally a friendly and humorous character, whereas Spirou is generally more serious. When we find him alongside Gaston Lagaffe, it is the latter who plays the role of whimsical hero, and Fantasio the foil; he then appears much more serious and austere than when he is with Spirou.

Fantasio loses his good mood when he is confronted with the arrival of Gaston and Seccotine in his close entourage. He becomes serious, then even irascible. He gets angry at the slightest whim of the Marsupilami and gets angry when one of his collaborators contradicts him.

In the series Gaston, he is the editor in chief of the Spirou magazine and he manages the employees.

Fantasio is a fictional character created by Jean Doisy in Le Journal de Spirou in 1942. His current look was established by Jijé in 1944. (He appeared for the first time in the form of a puppet, made by André Moons according to the instructions of Jean Doisy, and then had a different appearance.)

He is one of the main characters in the comic series Spirou and Fantasio, as was a regular character in the Gaston feature, before his role was taken over by Prunelle.

In the series Gaston Lagaffe, Fantasio appeared for the first time in Spirou #988 (21 march 1957), reprint in L’édition intégrale - Gaston #1 (Rombaldi, 1984), then in Gaston #0: Gaffes et gadgets (Dupuis, 1985). There were 498 episodes in which he appeared.

Then, in Spirou #1266 (19 July 1962) (gag 207), taken up in Gaston #3: Gaffes à gogo (Dupuis, 1964), Fantasio presents Prunelle as his successor. He still made infrequent appearances in the feature, though, the last 9 years later, Spirou #1721 (8 April 1971).

His adventures with Spirou are still ongoing.





  1. republished as - Kvik [Splint-universet] (p. 1974) (Danish)
  2. republished as - Kvikk [Sprint-universet] (p. 1974) (Norwegian)
  3. republished as - Kwabbernoot [uit Robbedoes] (Dutch)