Disambiguation: Clark Kent / Kal-El

First published in: 1938

Superman's alter ego is Clark Kent and first appeared in Action Comics (DC, 1938 series) #1 (June 1938) and was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. The character was born as Kal-L (later named Kal-El) on the planet Krypton. As Krypton faced destruction, Kal-L's parents, Jor-L (later Jor-El), and Lara placed him on a rocket to Earth just before the planet was destroyed.

Discovered on earth by Eben (later John, and even later Jonathan) Kent and Sarah (later Mary, and even later Martha) Kent (also known as Ma and Pa Kent), he was raised as Clark Kent. As an adult, he would eventually work as a reporter for the Daily Star (later the Daily Planet and even later for GBS News).

Superman's nicknames have been the Man of Steel and the Man of Tomorrow.


  1. alias of - Clark Kent / Kal-El [Superman] (p. 1938) (English)
  2. alternate universe version of - Superman [Clark Kent, Earth-0] (English)
  3. alternate universe version of - Superman [Clark Kent, Earth-One] (English)
  4. specialization of - Superman [unspecified] (English)
  5. generalization of - Superman [Clark Kent, Earth-0] (English)
  6. generalization of - Superman [Clark Kent, Earth-One] (English)
  7. republished as - Stålmannen (p. 1940) (Swedish)
  8. republished as - Super-Homem [Clark Kent / Kal-El, archetrope] (p. 1938) (Portuguese)
  9. republished as - Superman (Dutch)
  10. republished as - Superman [Clark Kent / Kal-El, archetrope] (p. 1947) (Portuguese)
  11. older version of - Superboy [Clark Kent / Kal-El] (p. 1945) (English)

Group Memberships:

  1. Justice Society of America [JSA] (p. 1940) (English) (formal) 1940 - present
  2. Justice League of America [JLA] (p. 1960) (English) (formal) 1960 - present
  3. All-Star Squadron (p. 1981) (English) (formal) 1981 - present
  4. Justice League [JL] [JL only team] (p. 1987) (English) (formal) 1987 - present