First published in: 1991

Jacklyn Mitchell is the youngest daughter of Detective Frank Mitchell and sister to Nicole Symone Mitchell, otherwise known as Razor. When Frank Mitchell is murdered by crime boss, Roman Von Drake, he kidnaps Jacklyn and trains her to be an assassin for his cause. She learns weapon mastery and hand-to-hand combat as well as training her agility, stamina, and strength. When the two girls are grown up, and Jacklyn realizes who Razor really is, she turns against her kidnapper/lover, Von Drake. Unfortunately, Razor has not figured out the girls' connection yet, so she leaves Stryke behind, vengeful. Stryke later kills Razor, but Poizon, Stryke's daughter, brings her back to life. The three women merged together manage to defeat Von Drake.

First appearance of Stryke is in Razor (London Night Studios, 1991 series) #0 Souls of Darkness, which was first distributed at SDCC as a signed preview, limited to 300 copies. This book was later reprinted as the "London Knight Edition."

Additional Names:

  1. Jacklyn Mitchell