Disambiguation: Eric O'Grady LMD; Earth-616

First published in: 2012

After the death of Eric O'Grady, the third Ant-Man, against the Descendants, the latter choose to take advantage and made a Life-Model Decoy of him to act as a double agent in the Secret Avengers. He later turned his Avengers teammates and became Black Ant.

First appearance in Secret Avengers (Marvel, 2010 series) #24 by Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman.

LMD; robot


  1. alias of - Eric O'Grady [Life-Model Decoy; Ant-Man / Black Ant; Earth-616] (p. 2012) (English)
  2. alternate universe version of - Ant-Man [Eric O'Grady; Earth-6311] (p. 2013) (English)
  3. identity also held by - Ant-Man [Hank Pym, Earth-616] (p. 1962) (English)
  4. identity also held by - Ant-Man [Scott Lang, Earth-616] (p. 1979) (English)
  5. identity also held by - Ant-Man [Eric O'Grady] (p. 2006) (English)