Sir Percy


Disambiguation: Black Knight

First published in: 1955


The Black Knight first appeared in Black Knight (Marvel, 1955 series) #1 (May 1955). The first mention of this character in the Marvel Universe was in The Avengers (Marvel, 1963 series) #48 (January 1968). His first appearance in the Marvel Universe was in Marvel Super-Heroes (Marvel, 1967 series) #17 (November 1968); his death was shown in this same issue.


    Sir Percy

Additional Names:

  1. Percival of Scandia
  2. Sir Percival of Scandia
  3. Sir Percy of Scandia

Appearances With a Character Origin Universe:

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  1. secret identity of - The Black Knight [Sir Percy] (p. 1955)


  1. republished as - Sire Percy [Le Chevalier Noir, Terre-616] (p. 1981) (French)
  2. republished as - Sir Percy [Marvel, Svarte riddaren] (Swedish)