Doctor Nemesis


Disambiguation: Dr. Jim Bradley

First published in: 1941


Doctor Nemesis first appeared in Lightning Comics (Ace Magazines, 1940 series) v1#6 (April 1941).

First appearance in a Marvel comic, as Doctor Death, in The Invaders (Marvel, 1993 series) #1 (May 1993). He later returned as Doctor Nemesis in The Uncanny X-Men (Marvel, 1981 series) #504 (January 2009).

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    Doctor Nemesis

Additional Names:

  1. Dr. Nemesis

Appearances With a Character Origin Universe:

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  1. alias of - Dr. Jim Bradley [Doctor Nemesis / Doctor Death] (p. 1941)

Group Memberships:

  1. Agents of Wakanda (p. 2019)
    2019 - present (formal)
    Notes: Joined in Avengers (Marvel, 2018 series) #12.
  2. X-Club [mutant scientists; Earth-616] (p. 2009)
    ? - present (formal)