Disambiguation: Blackhawk

First published in: 1942

Chuck, the American member of the group Blackhawk, first appeared in Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 Series) #9 (April 1942) but does not get his dark hair color and name until issue #10 (June 1942). It is possible he may have appeared in previous issues amongst the unidentified members of the early Blackhawk team.

During the run of the series, Chuck was identified as being from either Brooklyn or Texas.


  1. secret identity of - The Listener [Chuck] (p. 1967) (English)
  2. republished as - Chuck [Blackhawks] (Swedish)

Group Memberships:

  1. Blackhawks (p. 1941) (English) (formal) 1942 - present
  2. The Freedom Fighters (p. 1973) (English) (formal) 1973 - present