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First published in: 1942


Chuck, the American member of the Blackhawk Squadron, first appeared unnamed in Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 series) #10 (June 1942). He was named in issue #11 (August 1942), however he was erroneously shown with black hair in that issue. Chuck may also have been one of the unidentified members of the Blackhawks that appeared in issues #1,3-4,6-9.

The first story in Blackhawk (Quality Comics, 1944 series) #17 (Winter 1947) established that Chuck's mother died prior to that issue, while Chuck's father died at the end of the story. Issue #89 (June 1955) indicates that both of Chuck's parents are alive, in contradiction of issue #17.

Because of the story in Blackhawk (Quality Comics, 1944 series) #17 (Winter 1947), some fan sites suggest that Chuck's last name may be Wilson, however "Mr. Wilson" is clearly an alias. Chuck doesn't recognize his father's face because he has grown a beard and is 25 years older. If Chuck's last name was indeed "Wilson", he surely would have wondered if this Mr. Wilson was the father who he expected to find in this area. In addition, when Blackhawk drops the locket in the ocean, he says "Someday he might see the resemblance between his father and the man who CALLED HIMSELF Wilson. It's better that he never know."

In Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 series) #17 (March 1943), it was implied that Chuck is from Texas. Blackhawk (DC, 1957 series) #198 (July 1964) established that Chuck is from Brooklyn. The letters page in issue #253 (December 1982) stated that Chuck is from Texas.

Chuck died in Blackhawk (DC, 1957 series) #250 (January-February 1977).


World War II


  1. secret identity of - The Listener [Chuck] (p. 1967) (English)
  2. republished as - Chuck [Blackhawks] (Swedish)

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