Disambiguation: of the Blackhawks

First published in: 1941


Olaf was the Swedish member of the Blackhawk Squadron. He first appeared in Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 Series) #2 (September 1941). Olaf may also have been one of the unidentified members of the Blackhawks that appeared in issue #1.

Olaf's surname, Bjornson, was revealed in Blackhawk (DC, 1957 series) #117 (October 1957).

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World War II

Additional Names:

  1. Olaf Bjornson


  1. secret identity of - The Leaper [Olaf] (p. 1967) (English)
  2. republished as - Olaf [Blackhawks] (Swedish)
  3. republished as - Olle [Hökarna] (p. 1957) (Swedish)

Group Memberships:

  1. The Blackhawks [classic version] (p. 1941) (English) (formal) 1941 - present
  2. The Freedom Fighters (p. 1973) (English) (formal) 1973 - present