Disambiguation: Liu Huang; Wu Cheng; of the Blackhawks

First published in: 1941


Chop Chop, also spelled Chop-Chop, was at first the mascot for the Blackhawk Squadron and later its Chinese member. He first appeared in Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 Series) #3 (October 1941).

Chop Chop was primarily a comedic relief character based on Asian racial stereotypes. The overt stereotypical portrayal of the character would slowly be changed to a slightly portly and somewhat realistic looking character during the last nearly two years of the Blackhawk (Quality Comics, 1944 series) comic run (which, probably not coincidentally, corresponded with the start of the Comic Code Authority's review of comic books).

Chop Chop's girlfriend, Lotus Petal, was introduced in Military Comics (Quality Comics, 1941 series) #11 (August 1942). Chop Chop's girlfriend, Lily Foo, was introduced in Blackhawk (Quality Comics, 1944 series) #23 (February 1949). Chop Chop's uncle, Charley Chop, was introduced in issue #25 (June 1949). Chop Chop's cousin, Chop Chin, the emperor of Won Lung, was introduced in issue #26 (August 1949). Chop Chop's distant cousin in Alaska, Yukon Sing, was introduced in issue #27 (October 1949).

When the Blackhawks received new red and green uniforms in Blackhawk (DC, 1957 Series) #197 (June 1964), Chop-Chop finally received an outfit that matched the other members of the team, and his transformation to a realistic look was mostly complete.

In Blackhawk (DC, 1957 Series) #203 (December 1964), Chop-Chop was given an origin as a former resistance fighter named The White Dragon, and his real name was revealed to be "Liu Huang".

The character was renamed Chopper from Blackhawk (DC, 1957 Series) #244 (January-February 1976) to #250 (January-February 1977). The letters page in issue #244 stated that his real name was unknown.

Chop-Chop's real name was changed to "Wu Cheng" in Blackhawk (DC, 1957 Series) #259 (June 1983). He finally received a traditional Blackhawks uniform in issue #265 (December 1983).


caricature; stereotype; World War II

Additional Names:

  1. Wu "Chop-Chop" Cheng
  2. Chop Chop
  3. Liu "Chop-Chop" Huang


  1. secret identity of - Dr. Hands [Chop-Chop] (p. 1967) (English)
  2. republished as - Chop Chop [Blackhawks] (Swedish)

Group Memberships:

  1. The Blackhawks [classic version] (p. 1941) (English) (formal) 1941 - present
  2. The Freedom Fighters (p. 1973) (English) (formal) 1973 - present