Commissioner James Gordon


Disambiguation: from Batman

First published in: 1939

Golden Age: Father of Tony Gordon.

Pre-Crisis Earth-One: Father of Tony Gordon and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl).

Post-Crisis: Ex-husband of Barbara Kean. Father of James Gordon Jr. with Barbara. Husband of Sarah Essen-Gordon. Uncle and adoptive father of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl / Oracle).

Commissioner Gordon first appeared in Detective Comics (DC, 1937 series) #27 (May 1939).


Batman; Golden Age; Mainstream Universe; New 52; New Earth; Post-Crisis Earth-0; Pre-Crisis Earth-One; Prime Earth; Silver Age

Additional Names:

  1. Commissioner Gordon
  2. Commissioner Jim Gordon
  3. James Gordon
  4. Jim Gordon
  5. Lt. James Gordon


  1. republished as - Commissaire James Gordon [DC Comics] (p. 1967) (French)
  2. republished as - Jim Gordon [DC Comics] (German)

Group Memberships:

  1. Gotham City Police Department (p. 1939) (English) (formal) 1939 - present