Donna Troy


Disambiguation: Wonder Girl; Troia; Darkstar; Wonder Woman

First published in: 1965

Donna Troy started her career as Wonder Girl. She later adopted the identities of Troia, Darkstar, and Wonder Woman.

First appearance of Wonder Girl in The Brave and the Bold (DC, 1955 series) #60 (June-July 1965). Her origin was revealed in Teen Titans (DC, 1966 series) #22 (July-August 1969). Wonder Girl's first adventure was shown in flashback in Teen Titans (DC, 1966 series) #53 (February 1978). Details of Donna's Pre-Crisis origin were revealed in The New Teen Titans (DC, 1980 series) #38 (January 1984). Donna married Terry Long in Tales of the Teen Titans (DC, 1984 series) #50 (February 1985). Details of her Post-Crisis origin were revealed in The New Titans (DC, 1988 series) #51 (Winter 1988). She changed her codename to Troia in The New Titans (DC, 1988 series) #55 (June 1989). Donna gave birth to Robert Long, who was destined to become Lord Chaos, in Team Titans (DC, 1992 series) #1 (September 1992). She gave up her powers in Team Titans (DC, 1992 series) #3 (November 1992). Donna joined the Darkstars in The Darkstars (DC, 1992 series) #23 (August 1994). Donna and Terry were divorced in The New Titans Annual (DC, 1989 series) #11 ([June] 1995). She gave up her Darkstar identity in Green Lantern (DC, 1990 series) #75 (Early July 1996). In Wonder Woman (DC, 1987 series) #121 (May 1997), Donna's ex-husband, her infant son, and her step-daughter (Jenny) all died in a car accident. The true origin of Donna Troy was revealed in Wonder Woman (DC, 1987 series) #135 (July 1998). Donna regained her powers in Wonder Woman (DC, 1987 series) #136 (August 1998). She decided to use the name Troia once again in JLA / Titans (DC, 1998 series) #3 (February 1999). A recap of her new origin was given in Wonder Woman Secret Files (DC, 1998 series) #2 (July 1999). Donna was apparently killed in Titans / Young Justice: Graduation Day (DC, 2003 series) #3 (August 2003), but in an epilogue it was shown that she was actually reborn on a distant world. Donna became Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman (DC, 2006 series) #1 (August 2006), and last appeared in that role in 52 (DC, 2006 series) #51 (June 2007). Wonder Woman Annual (DC, 2007 series) #1 (November 2007) showed the circumstances of how she gave up the Wonder Woman identity. Donna's first post-Wonder Woman appearance was in Ion (DC, 2006 series) #10 (March 2007) (the events in the 52 series and Wonder Woman Annual occur prior to this issue). From that point forward, she no longer used codenames, and was instead simply referred to as Donna Troy.

Teen Titans; Wonder Woman


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