Thor Odinson


Disambiguation: 'secret identities’ of Thor, Earth-616

Universe: Marvel : mainstream

First published in: 1962


The ‘secret identity’ of Thor. Typically this is as himself, Thor Odinson, but sometimes under different personas such as Donald Blake or Sigurd Jarlson in earlier Thor appearances.


    Thor Odinson

Additional Names:

  1. Doctor Donald Blake
  2. Don Blake
  3. Donald Blake
  4. Donald M. Blake
  5. Sigurd Jarlson

Appearances With a Story Universe:


  1. secret identity of - Thor [Thor Odinson; Don Blake, Earth-616] (p. 1962) - mainstream
  2. specialization of - Thor Odinson [personal identities of Thor] (p. 1962)


  1. republished as - Thor Odinson ['identidades secretas' do Thor, Marvel] (p. 1967) (Portuguese)
  2. republished as - Thor Odinson [Thor, Terre-616] (p. 1969) (French)

Alternate Universe Version:

  1. Thor Odinson [Earth-70766] (p. 1970) - Earth-70766 (English)
  2. Thor Odinson [Earth-691] (p. 1976) - Earth-691 (English)
  3. Thor Odinson [Asgardian] (p. 1998) - Battleworld - Earth-9811 (English)
  4. Thor Odinson [Thor, Earth-1610 (Ultimate)] (p. 2002) - Ultimate - Earth-1610 (English)