Born: 1910 October 11 in United States?

Died: 2005 May 15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Biography: In addition to ghosting for Joe Shuster on Superman, Cassidy engaged in post-graduate academic work on comics. His master's thesis, "An Approach to the Profession of Comic Strip Cartooning Based upon an Analytical Survey of Current Trends and Personal Experiences," was done at the University of Wisconsin in 1942 as part of a master's degree in art education.

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    Paul Cassidy Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Paul Family name: Cassidy

Other Names:

  1. Paul Henry Cassidy Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Paul Henry Family name: Cassidy
  2. Paul Graham Type: Pen Name
  3. Joe Shuster Type: Ghost Name


  1. University of Wisconsin ? to ?

    Notes: Had a B.S. in applied arts and a M.S. in art education.


  1. Joe Shuster [generic]


  1. Ghosted for - Joe Shuster (b. 1914)
  2. Employee of - Siegel and Shuster Studio (b. 1939)
    Notes: Did pencils and inks 1937 to 1942 (in the Cleveland studio through August 1940). With Wayne Boring was the first Superman ghost artist.