Sample Scan:


    Bernard Sachs Type: None

Other Names:

  1. Bernie Sachs Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Bernie Family name: Sachs


  1. B Sachs [generic]
  2. B. Baker [generic]
  3. B. Sachs [generic]
  4. B. SACHS
  6. BERNARD SACHS [stacked, offset]
  7. Infantino and Sachs [generic]
  8. Jon L. Blummer [generic]
  9. Sachs [generic]

Awards for Stories:

  1. 1963: Alley Awards - Favorite Novel
    Crisis on Earth-One! (Justice League) comic story, 24p
  2. 1963: Alley Awards - Best Novel
    Crisis on Earth-Two! (Justice League) comic story, 24p

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: various (advertising) - Role: art director - Years: 1965 - 1986
    Employer Name : Grey Advertising
    Notes: Storyboards and Layouts.


  1. Employee of - Peddy and Sachs Studio
    Notes: Sachs did inking work for the studio, dates unknown.