Born: 1949 September 23 in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Died: 2016 March 6 in ?

Biography: Long run on Fantastic Four with Tom DeFalco.
Squadron Supreme limited series.
Creator and artist for various New Universe characters.


    Paul Ryan Type: GCD Official (type is deprecated)

Other Names:

  1. Paul C. Type: Given (birth) (type is deprecated)


  1. Paul Ryan [generic]
  2. Ryan [generic]

Art Influences:

Paul Ryan (b. 1949) stated influences by:
  1. Neal Adams (b. 1941)
  2. John Buscema (b. 1927)
  3. Hal Foster (b. 1892)
  4. Jack Kirby (b. 1917)
  5. Curt Swan (b. 1920)