Born: 1964 November 1 in United States

Biography: Roland Mann worked in support as an editor for Malibu from 1990 to 1994. Mann was also editor in chief and publisher for Silverline Comics [1990s] from 1997 to 2001 and 2019 to present.

With Steven Butler, Mann worked as a packager for the first Silverline Comics [1980s] in 1987. Mann continued as packager for EF Graphics under a Silverline imprint in 1989, the Malibu imprint Aircel in 1990, the Malibu imprint Eternity in 1991, and the Malibu imprint Adventure from 1992 to 1993. He also did packaging work for Caliber Press imprint Gauntlet in 1992 and for Caliber Press itself in 1993. Packaging work were compilation trade paperback graphic novels of previously printed issues.

Roland worked as writer for EF Graphics, in 1989; Malibu, from 1990 to 1995; Marvel in 1995 (after the company purchased Malibu); Caliber in 1992; Comico, from 1991 to 1992; First Comics in 1990; and a promotional advertisement for Cat and Mouse series for Silverline in Knuckle Supper Studios Presents: Tales From Neroesville (Knuckle Supper Studios, 2019 Series) #1 (September 2019).

He also wrote his own material for Silverline [1990s] from 1997 to 2001 and 2019 onwards.


    Roland Mann Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Mann Type: None
  2. Brian Roland Mann Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Brian Roland Family name: Mann


  1. University of Southern Mississippi ? to ?

    Notes: Earned a Bachelor of Science in Creative Writing.

  2. University of North Alabama ? to ?

  3. Spalding University ? to ?

    Notes: Master of Fine Art in writing.


  1. M.A., University of North Alabama in None?

    Notes: Master of Art in English.

Art Influences:

Roland Mann (b. 1964) stated influences by:
  1. Isaac Asimov (b. 1920)
  2. Stan Lee (b. 1922)
  3. H. G. Wells (b. 1866)

Non Comics Works:

  1. Publication Title: Buying Time (book) - Role: writer - Year: 2010
    Employer Name : Southern Cross Publishing
    Notes: A Christian fiction novel, ISBN-10: 0983433909, and ISBN-13: 978-0983433903. Published May 10, 2010.