Ruth Roche Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Ruth Anna Family name: Roche

Other Names:

  1. Tom Alexander Type: Pen Name
  2. Joe Logan Type: Pen Name
  3. Miss Martin Type: Pen Name
  4. Gregory Page Type: None
  5. A. Talbott Roche Type: Pen Name
  6. Rod Roche Type: Pen Name
  7. Ruth A. Roche Type: None
  8. Miss Thorpe Type: Pen Name
  9. George Tracy Type: Pen Name
  10. Agnes Wilson Type: Pen Name


  1. George Page [generic]
  2. Gregory Page [generic]
  3. Ruth A. Roche [generic]

Art Influences:

Ruth Roche (b. 1917) stated influences by:
  1. S. M. Iger (b. 1903)


  1. Owner - Iger Shop
    Notes: Roche was added as a partner with Iger for the studio, from 1945 to 1961.
  2. Sibling - Ann Roche (b. 1924)