Born: 1927 April 30 in Brooklyn, New York, New York, United States

Died: 1999 July 14 in ?

Biography: Sal Trapani was the founder of the Society of American Vintage-Radio Enthusiasts and co-founded Renaissance Radio Productions (professional actors).
Trapani was also a member of Sons of the Desert, a Laurel and Hardy appreciation society.

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry.

Sal Trapani used the pen name Moltra in conjunction with fellow creator Bill Molno and the pen name of Sal-Pete with fellow creator Pete Morisi.

Sample Scan:


    Sal Trapani Type: Common Alternative Name

Other Names:

  1. Moltra Type: Pen Name
  2. Sal-Pete Type: Pen Name
  3. Sal-Tra Type: Pen Name
  4. Salvadore A. Trapani Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Salvadore A. Family name: Trapani


  1. Cartoonists and Illustrators School ? to ?

  2. Art Center School [Los Angeles] ? to ?

  3. Jean Morgan School of Art ? to ?


  1. ChaSal
  2. ChaSal [generic]
  3. Moltra [generic]
  4. Nicholas and Trapani [generic]
  5. Sal Trapani [generic]
  6. Sal-Tra [generic]
  7. TNT [generic]
  8. Tra [generic]
  9. Trapani [generic]

Art Influences:

Sal Trapani (b. 1927) stated influences by:
  1. Hal Foster (b. 1892)
  2. Alberto Giolitti (b. 1923)
  3. Burne Hogarth (b. 1911)
  4. Alex Raymond (b. 1909)


  1. National Cartoonists Society Type: member


  1. Employee of - Iger Shop
    Notes: Trapani was an assistant inker for the shop from 1950 to 1953.
  2. Relative - Dick Giordano (b. 1932)
    Notes: Brothers-in-law. Giordano married Trapani's sister Marie in 1955, and was married to her until her death in 1993.