Born: 1924 December 5 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Died: 2017 July 12 in Maryland, United States

Notes: To be confirmed against the Who's Who entry. Sam Decker pen name is also used by his brother Lew Glanzman, both individually and in tandem.

Sample Scan:


    Sam Glanzman Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Sam Family name: Glanzman

Other Names:

  1. Sam Decker Type: Pen Name
  2. Sam J. Glanzman Type: Common Alternative Name
    Given name: Sam J. Family name: Glanzman
  3. Samuel Joseph Glanzman Type: Name at Birth
    Given name: Samuel Joseph Family name: Glanzman


  1. Decker [generic]
  2. Glanz [generic]
  3. Glanz
  4. Glanz '41 [generic]
  5. Glanz [block letters]
  6. Glanzman [generic]
  7. S-J-G [generic]
  8. S.J.G. [generic]
  9. Sam Decker
  10. Sam Glanz [generic]
  11. Sam Glanzman [generic]
  12. Sam J. Glanzman [generic]
  13. SJG [generic]


  1. 1999: Inkpot Award - [no name]

Art Influences:

Sam Glanzman (b. 1924) stated influences by:
  1. Hal Foster (b. 1892)
  2. Lew Glanzman (b. 1922)
Influences by Sam Glanzman (b. 1924) were stated by:
  1. Stephen R. Bissette (b. 1955)


  1. Sibling - D. C. Glanzman
    Notes: Brothers.
  2. Sibling - Lew Glanzman (b. 1922)
    Notes: Brothers.